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Negi (caste)
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Negi means "negchari" and "perfect rajputs". They are from the royal "thakur's" family of northern India and negi also refers to the title given to nobles by the kings. Negi is also a title given to people serving in Army and Administration and fully devoted to their State. Being a title of status it became preferable in use, however many families still remember their original surnames Saund Negi, Mohar Negi, Gourai Negi, Khatri Negi, Kendrawan Negi, Miyan Negi, Sipahi Negi, Moonda Negi, Baglana Negi, zokto (zokta) negi, Paatli Negi, Chaakar Negi, Paithuni Negi, Kothayya Negi, etc.

Negi refers to the title and a surname of Rajputs in himachal district kinnaur,
Sirmour, Kumaon,  and Garhwal regions of Uttarakhand,thakurs from garhwal,alwar region from Rajasthan,Gurdaspur region of Punjab etc.

Negi Rajputs are believed to have migrated from the Indian plains during the Middle Ages. They still retain the name of their areas of origin: for instance, the 'Udaipur Patti' in Garhwal is a group of villages inhabited by people believed to have migrated from Udaipur in present-day Rajasthan, similarly "ajmer patti" for ajmer.
History rules and migration place of Negi

•Pundir Negi -Delhi/Saharanpur 1645

•Khunti,Munsi •Sipai Negi-Nagarkot Kangda 1600

•Khadkola Negi-Kaintura Kumaun 1112

•Sangola Negi-Jat Rajput from Saharanpur as Gunmen (Sangeendhari) 1712

•Saund Negi-Rana /kailakhuri Before 1700 (Thakur's of Udaipur, Rajasthan , King of Himanchal and thokdar of tehri garhwal also in Uttarkashi / Dehradun and Pauri Garhwal )

•Singh Negi-Bedi/Punjab 1645

•Padyar Negi-Parihar 1800

•Lohvan Negi-Chauhan/Delhi Lohaba Pargana area 978

•Gagwadi Negi-Mathura 1419

•Chopdiya Negi-Hastinapur 1383 .Shaldi negi pauri garhwal

.Mughla Negi-Rajasthan 1728 Sandeep Negi :1984