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Do you subscribe to the tit for tat action or consider it completely unethical-Sunil Negi

The Pakistani prisoner Sannaullah Khan who died yesterday after being attacked with a heavy brick injury of brain by the fellow life term convict Vinod Singh Bisht in a Srinagar Jail of Jammu and Kashmir facing life sentence for claiming fourteen innocent lives in a bomb blast case in Kashmir is a sorry state of affair which I think no right thinking person will ever praise or support as a tit for tat action in retaliation of the tortuous death of our two undertrials in the Pakistan's Jail namely Chamail Singh and Sarabjeet Singh having already suffered immense hardships and tortures, mentally as well as physical in the Pakistani Jails for more than 23 years. Such incidents of undertrial deaths out of personal animosity in fact become the reasons for deterioration of bilateral relations between India and Pakistan ultimately resulting in narrowing the gap in smoothness of relations of mutual understanding between both the nations trying hard to normalise the otherwise not good relationships between them since long. Vinod Singh Bisht who is now responsible for two murders as per the law of the land may face the gallows of death if the law of the land is to be believed as according to the prescribed law if an accused is convicted of two murders in a row is bound to get death sentence. It may be recalled that Vinod Singh Bisht while serving in the 15, Garhwal Regiment as a sepoy murdered his fellow companion in 1999 and was court marshalled with the death sentence which he was serving along with Sanaullah Khan in the Kashmir Srinagar Jail until few days back after Sarbjeet's murder in the Pakistani Jail Vinod may be out of some rift or in retaliation attacked Sanaullah resulting in his speedy death sending shock waves in Pakistan. Vonod Singh Bisht primarily hails from Seeku Village of Pauri Garhwal having two adolescent daughters and a 33 year old wife surving in a meagre monthly pension of his 75 year old retired Indian Army fathernamely Bhagat Singh. One of his daughter is suffering from epilepsy and the financial condition of the family has gone from bad to worse in the absence of any financial viabilty. Vinod Sing Bisht was likely to be shifted in the local Garhwal Jail as per the provision of the law but after this incident of Sanaullah's death the plan to shift him to Garhwal prison has gone completely awry. The family of Vinod Singh Bisht is now is the state of immense financial difficulty and disarray and has no alternative but to go towards further starvation. One fails to understand as till when such shabby and shocking incidents of undertrial murders and actions in retaliation will go on to continue while the families of such persons have no way than to suffer for no fault of theirs.


Negi (caste)
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Negi means "negchari" and "perfect rajputs". They are from the royal "thakur's" family of northern India and negi also refers to the title given to nobles by the kings. Negi is also a title given to people serving in Army and Administration and fully devoted to their State. Being a title of status it became preferable in use, however many families still remember their original surnames Saund Negi, Mohar Negi, Gourai Negi, Khatri Negi, Kendrawan Negi, Miyan Negi, Sipahi Negi, Moonda Negi, Baglana Negi, zokto (zokta) negi, Paatli Negi, Chaakar Negi, Paithuni Negi, Kothayya Negi, etc.

Negi refers to the title and a surname of Rajputs in himachal district kinnaur,
Sirmour, Kumaon,  and Garhwal regions of Uttarakhand,thakurs from garhwal,alwar region from Rajasthan,Gurdaspur region of Punjab etc.

Negi Rajputs are believed to have migrated from the Indian plains during the Middle Ages. They still retain the name of their areas of origin: for instance, the 'Udaipur Patti' in Garhwal is a group of villages inhabited by people believed to have migrated from Udaipur in present-day Rajasthan, similarly "ajmer patti" for ajmer.
History rules and migration place of Negi

•Pundir Negi -Delhi/Saharanpur 1645

•Khunti,Munsi •Sipai Negi-Nagarkot Kangda 1600

•Khadkola Negi-Kaintura Kumaun 1112

•Sangola Negi-Jat Rajput from Saharanpur as Gunmen (Sangeendhari) 1712

•Saund Negi-Rana /kailakhuri Before 1700 (Thakur's of Udaipur, Rajasthan , King of Himanchal and thokdar of tehri garhwal also in Uttarkashi / Dehradun and Pauri Garhwal )

•Singh Negi-Bedi/Punjab 1645

•Padyar Negi-Parihar 1800

•Lohvan Negi-Chauhan/Delhi Lohaba Pargana area 978

•Gagwadi Negi-Mathura 1419

•Chopdiya Negi-Hastinapur 1383 .Shaldi negi pauri garhwal

.Mughla Negi-Rajasthan 1728 Sandeep Negi :1984

Weather of Pauri Garhwal hills is unforgettable - SunilNegi

I am very fond of the serene beauty of the Himalayas and the cozy environment there. Beleive me or not I prefer Pauri, Garhwal better then Mussourie or Nainital b'cause there is no hue and cry and things are completely non-commercial. There is complete absence of Thugs here who unnecessarily and in a pre meditated style dupe the tourists and insult the reputation of the inhabitants of UK . I have a small house here in Pauri Garhwal and always, whenever feel free come here for few days just to enjoy the pleasent weather and watch the peak of himalayas from the roof top of my house in Pauri which are quite conveniently visible from here. The historic Chaukhamba peak makes one not only extremely ecstatic but also satisfies ones lust for serene beauty reason being that one can at least see Himalayas from so near and in full view. I always prefer to go to Dhari Devi whenever am in Pauri and also visit the nearby villages to understand the life styles and the daily hectic engagements of the local inhabitants. Conclusively I can say that Pauri Garhwal is the best bet as far as the cheap and pleasent tourism is concerned. Its about 5,500 feet above the sea level and is considered as the best tourist site of Garhwal developed and modernised by the britishers when they were fortunate enough to get thissignificant part from the Tehri Garhwal Maharaja as a part of the historic deal to defeat and evict the Gorkhas from Garhwal Uttarakhand probably in the year 1918 when the prestige and the safety of the Garhwal Naresh was at stake at the hands of the cruel Gorkhas who did not even spared the children and new born babies and suppressed them in the Imaam Dustaas becoming the synonym of extreme cruelty.

Has Morality elapsed from Indian Politics-Sunil Negi

I fail to understand when the Honorable Supreme Court of India passes any verdict or comment against any Union Minister of his or her's involvement or complicity in any particular affair which is against the established constitutional norms or issues of corruption in which he or she is if not directly but indirectly accused and the Parliament is held at ransom by the opposition parties thus causing huge loss to the public exchequer, is it not fair that such VIPs should in all earnestness and with humble submission resign from their respective positions thus giving an astute example of high morality. But unfortunately it never happened with both these tainted ministers and when the most amiable and leader of the stature of Sonia Gandhi expressed her public ire over their obstinacy of these greedy politicians in not leaving their respective chairs of political, economic profitability and comforts, Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Bansal were constrained to resign. Is it not true and fair that had they resigned on the very first day of the eruption of the controversy on moral grounds not only had their public image been elevated or enhanced in the eyes of the people of the country but so much hue and cry which was raised by the media against the UPA-2 would have disappeared forthwith. This is called lust for power. Thanks to Sonia Gandhi who made them surrender. She is the one who honestly established her true political credentials of ethics, morality and pure heart when she out rightly gave up the most significant post of the Prime Minister ship of the largest democracy of the world. Hats off to her.

Will Nawaz Sharief prove actually Shareef for India - SUNIL NEGI

WILL SHARIEF's entry in Pakistan be fruitful for India.......The victory of Nawaz Sharief's Party in Pakistan in the recently held national election is a history in the sense that it is for the first time that in Pakistan a duly elected government is going to receive political power from the earlier political establishment duly elected by peoples' verdict. Nawaz Sharief's democratic victory is though a welcome news for all the right thinking people and the democracies of the world including India, but the moot point is will the former genuinely work and aspire for maintaining the harmonious relations with India and establish an example of the sort in in the sub continent. Its a genuine fact that India is a peaceful country and is very interested to maintain stable and harmonious relations with Pakistan and had been in fact striving hard to do so all these years but the most non-cooperative, hostile and rather deliberate attempt on the part of Pakistan to spread terror and ramphant killings in J&k, Mumbai, Delhi and various parts of India in collaboration with the notorious ISI speaks of the fact that it is hell bent upon to destroy India and serve Pakistan's local political interests. It is high time that India has tolerated all this and in my personal opinion enough is enough. I appeal to Nawaz SHARIEF TO MEND HIS WAYS AND genuinely and transparently try to maintain harmonious and cordial relations with India as this the best bet for
Pakistan otherwise it'll be too late. My request to all my face book friends is to post their significant views on this most pivotal diplomatic issue of Indo- pakistan relations and express their wholehearted views without any prejudices but in wider national and international interest.
However I think NawaZ Sharief holds a soft corner for India as compared to the previous Pakistani rulers....
I also think the total percentage polled was not more than 25 to 30percent and people of pakistan are definitely fed up with the incessant increase in terror attacks within their own country putting everthing at stake every then and now. Majority of the electorates in Pakistaan now want peace and healthy relationship between India and Pakistan. This is the crux of the matter and therefore Nawaj Sharief is as on date interested in this regard. His recent interview to HT the very first toany indian Newspaper spoke of the fact that Nawaz is for better relations with India come what may and want to end terrorism in his country with a heavy hand and also is desirous of bringing the Army under his direct control by all means.