बुधवार, 15 मई 2013

Has Morality elapsed from Indian Politics-Sunil Negi

I fail to understand when the Honorable Supreme Court of India passes any verdict or comment against any Union Minister of his or her's involvement or complicity in any particular affair which is against the established constitutional norms or issues of corruption in which he or she is if not directly but indirectly accused and the Parliament is held at ransom by the opposition parties thus causing huge loss to the public exchequer, is it not fair that such VIPs should in all earnestness and with humble submission resign from their respective positions thus giving an astute example of high morality. But unfortunately it never happened with both these tainted ministers and when the most amiable and leader of the stature of Sonia Gandhi expressed her public ire over their obstinacy of these greedy politicians in not leaving their respective chairs of political, economic profitability and comforts, Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Bansal were constrained to resign. Is it not true and fair that had they resigned on the very first day of the eruption of the controversy on moral grounds not only had their public image been elevated or enhanced in the eyes of the people of the country but so much hue and cry which was raised by the media against the UPA-2 would have disappeared forthwith. This is called lust for power. Thanks to Sonia Gandhi who made them surrender. She is the one who honestly established her true political credentials of ethics, morality and pure heart when she out rightly gave up the most significant post of the Prime Minister ship of the largest democracy of the world. Hats off to her.