शुक्रवार, 29 मार्च 2013

Garib's initiative on "Chakbandi" hailed- Sunil Negi

The tremendous work done and sincere and dedicated efforts energized by Ganesh Singh Garib for the last thirty long years in the field of CHAKBANDI in Uttarakhand by selling all his precious belongings including a shop in Lodi Road's Khanna Market where he used to rectify radios to arrange for the sustenance of his family thirty years ago from now is such a unique example of selflessness, one would have never heard about it earlier. This unique example of carrying on Chakbandi Aandolan in whole of UK incessantly without any self or vested interest is truly commendable. I have personally seen Ganesh Singh Garib, Negiji, rectifying Radios in his shop in Lodi Roads' Khanna Market during the seventies when one day all of a sudden he sold this pretty shop at extremely cheaper rate and came to Garhwal his native place to carry forward his long time dream of Chakbandi. He was recently felicitated by the Chief Minister of UK in New Delhi's constitution club, with a citation, shawl and 21 thousand rupees. Ganesh Singh Garib has devoted his complete life for Chakbandi of UK and no right thinking person including the subsequent governments of UK since the formation of the separate state since 2000 have paid any heed to this great man's efforts and initiative to save the fields of the hills. Keeping in view the sincere, dedicated, committed and selfless efforts of Ganesh Singh Garib, a crusader of the cause of Chakbandi, the workers and volunteers of Chakbandi Andolan in UK have proposed to celebrate 1st of March as the Chakbandi Diwas in whole of UK to promote the cause of Negi's long pending dream come true. The volunteers of Chakbandi Andolan have appealed to one and all Uttrakhandies in UK as well as in various cities, towns and metropolies of India to light atleast one candle or Diya over their house top to make this great struggle of Chakbandi a great success in future and also to enlighten the sate government to pay heed to this significant cause in the near future. We pay our respects and reverence to great Ganesh Singh Negi, Garib and assure him of our fullest support and cooperation in the immediate future.

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