गुरुवार, 4 अप्रैल 2013

Will Dhoni contribute a single percent of his earnings for UK sportsmen

By Sunil Negi, Journalist and Media Consultant, Delhi Commission For Women
It is usually said that rich beget riches. Meaning , money multiplies more money. Gone are the days when rags to riches stories were the features of the daily life. In today's world its only the rich who can become more rich by virtue of his already existing riches. But I can say with full confidence that in the case of Mohinder Singh Dhoni the rags to riches story has infact worked and borne fruits. Yes, it is true that he made a special place for himself in the world of cricket by the dint of his hard work, sincerety, full dedication and of course his special technical playing spirits as a most accepted batsman, wicketkeeper as well as a bowler at times.And above all, the best captain. Today as an Uttarakhandi I am proud that Dhoni hails from Uttarakhand and so his wife . But the fact that today Mohinder Singh Dhoni is earning Rupees hundred crores a year by way of his endorsements for advertisements for various prestigious brands of the country and that he is holding the 31st rank in the prestigious list of Forbes business magazine amongst the most top rich players of the world make me more proud to be an Uttarakhandi. What is more surprising and a matter of honor is that today Dhoni has left behind the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulker in terms of annual earnings through endorsements for various brands by earning Rs. 60 crores more than him, who was earlier the topmost earner through advertisements for the branded companies of the world. While feeling immensely delighted and privileged for being an Uttarakhandi from where originally M.S. Dhoni belongs, my since advice to him is to atleast donate a mere one percent of his huge earnings for the cricketers and the footballers of Uttarakhand so that they can also one day reach high altitudes of achievements like him in their respective fields of Footballing and cricketering. The people of UK are expecting that Dhoni gives a bit of him for the welfare and well being of the players of UK origin in various desciplines of games. Hope MS Dhoni will be earnest and humble enough to contribute his bit in this regard in the days to come if by chance this post reaches him by the way. May I therefore request my FB friends to share this post as much as you can to ensure that it reaches Dhoni one day and the needful done by him, subsequently.

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