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Weather of Pauri Garhwal hills is unforgettable - SunilNegi

I am very fond of the serene beauty of the Himalayas and the cozy environment there. Beleive me or not I prefer Pauri, Garhwal better then Mussourie or Nainital b'cause there is no hue and cry and things are completely non-commercial. There is complete absence of Thugs here who unnecessarily and in a pre meditated style dupe the tourists and insult the reputation of the inhabitants of UK . I have a small house here in Pauri Garhwal and always, whenever feel free come here for few days just to enjoy the pleasent weather and watch the peak of himalayas from the roof top of my house in Pauri which are quite conveniently visible from here. The historic Chaukhamba peak makes one not only extremely ecstatic but also satisfies ones lust for serene beauty reason being that one can at least see Himalayas from so near and in full view. I always prefer to go to Dhari Devi whenever am in Pauri and also visit the nearby villages to understand the life styles and the daily hectic engagements of the local inhabitants. Conclusively I can say that Pauri Garhwal is the best bet as far as the cheap and pleasent tourism is concerned. Its about 5,500 feet above the sea level and is considered as the best tourist site of Garhwal developed and modernised by the britishers when they were fortunate enough to get thissignificant part from the Tehri Garhwal Maharaja as a part of the historic deal to defeat and evict the Gorkhas from Garhwal Uttarakhand probably in the year 1918 when the prestige and the safety of the Garhwal Naresh was at stake at the hands of the cruel Gorkhas who did not even spared the children and new born babies and suppressed them in the Imaam Dustaas becoming the synonym of extreme cruelty.

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