शुक्रवार, 29 मार्च 2013


By Sunil Negi
           The news in one of the TV News channels that Damini or NIrbhaya has been allotted a DDA flat by the Government of India apart from the financial aid of millions of Rupees to her give me a sense of immense satisfaction that our government of the day has at least honored the out cries of millions of people of our country against the most brutal, horrendous, horrifying, ghastly and shameful gang rape of a 23 year old innocent physiotherapy student who was later on most tortuously murdered in a running bus in South Delhi on 16 th of December 2012. It is undoubtedly a non controversial fact that our sister and daughter Damini is today the icon of billions of women of the globe who are today confronted with such factual tragedies and who encounter such shameful incidents and then counter the same by the dint of their hard bravery and intelligence. But what makes me bothered about the indifferent attitude of the government of the day is that hundreds and thousands of such Daminies' and Nirbhayas' are tortured constantly in India including in the capital city of India but they are not given the same treatment as given to Damini. The case in question is of KIREN NEGI who was just 8 months before the most ghastly incident of Damini, kidnapped and thereafter gang raped brutally and then subsequently murdered most tortuously in Haryana, thus leaving her poor, economically deprived and hapless family in the stage of immense lurch and economic jeopardy, despite of the fact that this only earning merely 19 years' old girl of Uttrakhandi origin was waylaid first near her house in Najafgarh , then brutally gang raped and thereafter most tortuously murdered in broad daylight. The basic question from the government of Delhi and India is that if the family of Damini can receive compensation of more than 50 lac rupees and a DDA flat, why the discrimination against the Uttarakhandi girl of government of NCT of Delhi who constitute the population to the tune of more than 30 lacs in numbers in Delhi. We are for Damini and her family which is in tremendous distress but out moot question is, why this step motherly treatment with KIRAN NEGI and her poor and hapless family who were completely and wholly dependent on her salary as she was the only earning member responsible for the sustenance of her large family. Today, the whole family in immense economic jeopardy and hardship. May we therefore demand from the government of Delhi and the government of India to be fair and impartial towards the family of Kiran Negi as well and provide her with all the necessary financial benefits and assistance including a DDA House at par with Damini as the law of the land is equal and at parity with each and every case irrespective of any difference or status. This is a genuine request which I think will be addressed to by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi without any further inordinate delay keeping in view the uniformity of law enforcing agencies and justice to all with equality.

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