शुक्रवार, 29 मार्च 2013


I respect the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand very much for primarily two basic reasons, one - b,cause I have worked in close proximity with his late father and a political stalwart Sh. Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna for say more than a decade as a full timer and second, since Vijay resigned from a very significant position of a High Court Judge of Mumbai to join active politics, in my personal opinion, being a well read and an intelligent person he fully deserved to be revered and respected as a dignified politician. There is no doubt about the fact that Bahuguna was lucky enough to have easily and conveniently captured the significant chair of the Chief Ministership of UK eight months ago from now, despite of various challenges and straight odds. It's undoubtedly a hard fact that since his assuming the office as UK's chief administrator, he is confronting various political odds from the opposition as well as from his own political party from within. But to the utter surprise of all, Mr. Bahuguna proved immensely successful in intruding upon his political detractors by doing tremendous hard work in UK and also by way of announcing various important decisions including the one, regarding the declaration of Gairsain as the temperory or summer capital of UK, though still not announced fully but can take the shape like that later on in the coming time. Apart from this historic decision, he has also been credited to announce various populist measures like increasing the salaries of medical practitioners of UK to Rs.1.25 lacs per month and also raising perks of many other catagories of the government employees. He also faced number of protests though silently but within his own party when he managed the parliamentary ticket for his son Saket after having been lost the election at the hands of the political novice , the Maharani of Tehri Garhwal. But despite of all these huge odds, Mr. Bahuguna comfortably managed the situation of the state and was literally ruling UK as a free leader bereft of any political wranglings or challanges as were being confronted earlier through
his old rival and traditional political enemy Harish Rawat.
But what genuinely makes me draw a very poor opinion about him is the recently made childish psychophantic statement by him asking Rahul Gandhi to take the cudgels of the Congress Party in his hands by naming him as the future Prime Minister of India in the coming 2014 general elections and subsequently being badly shrugged off and scolded by the latter publicly thus demoralising not only him but whole of Uttarakhand because Vijay Bahuguna is today the Chief Minister of this state and any insult or casting of asp[ersions on him clearly tentamounts to the insult of whole of UK. Though one can't doubt on the capability and potential of Mr. Bahuguna to take UK to the highest altitudes of progress but in future he should definitely exercise caution while appreciating the leadership and should instead concentrate on the progress and prosperity of he 12 years' old state called UK. That's my humble advice to him being his well wisher.