शुक्रवार, 29 मार्च 2013


Sir, when I was associated with late H.N. Bahuguna a stalwart of indian politics , he always used to say that unless the political and economic power is not decentralised and the fruits of developments are not distributed amongst the person living in the most remote corner of the state or country, the purpose of actual independence will not be achieved. We have attained separate entit as a state in 2000, but the fruits of development have not reached the villiages and hence there is tremendous influx towards the cities called palaayan. Villages are badly being emptied as there is tremendous dearth of jobs and health fescilities in the villages, block headquarters or the towns of UK. Even the capital of DD has no good hospital. People are dying on the way. The concept of making Gairsain the actual capital of UK therefore is to transfer the economic and political power to the interiors of the state so that the actual voter is benefitted economically, politically, socially, educationally, scientifically, industrially and from the medical point of view as there will be inside development. The same trend of development will then move to other areas of the interiors of UK and we will get ourselves rid of the so called elite taste and culture that had actually engulfed the taste, temperament and brains of our buareaucrats who are enjoying the actual fruits of comforts and luxories in Dehradun and do not want to go towards the villages. Therefore the call of the time is to sooner or later shift the capital to Gairsain and the recent step of constructing a VIdhan Bhawan is a constructive step in that direction. Let's allow building of this Vidhan Bhawan first and then increase our pressure on the government to make Gairsain a fullfleged capital of UK.