मंगलवार, 30 अप्रैल 2013

Ruling Party in Troubled waters in UK

The results of the local bodies of Uttarakhand are pouring in and in most of the Municipal seats and Nagar Palikas the main opposition party BJP seems to have out rightly GAINED the upper hand giving clear indication that the political health of the ruling party in the twelve year old state is not good and things are badly going against it for future as well. There is not an inkling of doubt that various factors right from corruption to sky rocketing price hike of the essential commodities at the central level  and the weak leadership of the State including the inter cine squabbles in the ruling party at the state level has resulted in the major defeat of the ruling party but the fact remains that if situation is not improved in the near future it may further lead to more political complications for the party in the forthcoming parliamentary elections slated for 2014.
There is not doubt that the local elections are primarily fought on the local issues of development and role of the state leadership in structuring the socioeconomic future of the state  also plays a very vital role but I personally think that the war of words coming in the public within the Congress leaders of stature for gaining political mileage and the chair of CM ship plus the deteriorating political situation at the center has multi dimensionally added to the defeat of the ruling party in UK. Let's see what has destiny kept in store for Vijay Bahuguna in future and hope that honest sense of integrity and pro-people inclination prevails on the present leadership for the welfare and well being of the people of Uttarakhand particularly after this staggering defeat.

Sunil Negi

Om Sai Ram- The God Of Miracles

शनिवार, 27 अप्रैल 2013

REMEMBERING BAHUGUNA- a great political stalwart and foundation of secularism in India

24th April is celebrated as the Birth Day of Late Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna, the renowned political stalwart of his time. Though Bahugunaji is not with us but his ideology, good deeds, pro-people achievements and urge to keep the society intact and cohesive by maintaining the secular credentials of the nation will always be in our minds whenever we will remember him every year during his birth and death anniversaries. I have been fortunate enough to be in his company, midst and of course under his dashing and dynamic leadership for more then a decade when I was a full timer in his parties known as Congress For Democracy, Democratic Socialist Party and Dalit Mazdoor Kisaan Party heading their Youth Wings in Delhi including Lok Dal when he merged with Chaudhary Charan Singhji's Party in the last phase of his life. Bahuguna who was a true secularist and believed strongly in the decentralisation of the economic and political power for the socio-economic upliftment and well being of the people living at the lowest ebb of the society held various important positions in the Congress Party and the successive governments that followed later on after his annoyance with the Late Prime Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi over the issue of the imposition of emergency during the 1977, when Jai Prakash Narayan lead a movement to dethrone her . Bahuguna always fought for the principles and sacrificed his important political positions for maintaining those ideals and principles which he thought were coming on the way of achieving the political power or the values he actually stood for. He was the Chief Minister of UP in 1974-75, Communication Minister during Indira's tenure and also lead many ministries as Union Minister during Morarji Desai's PM ship as Minister for Finance and Petroleum, Chemicals and Ferlilizer. He was also the Secretary General of Congress and lead it to victory when he rejoined Congress after getting invitation from Mrs. Gandhi to come out of it's fold later on because of his differences with Sanjay Gandhi. He brought a No confidence movement against the then Central government as well on various important national issues of public concern. While being the Chief Minister of UP he was credited for forming the first ever separate Hill Development Board of Uttarakhand, thus laying for the first time the concrete foundation of the would be separate Uttarakahnd State. Not a single riot took place in UP during his Chief Ministership which earlier used to be the place of regular Hindu Muslim riots or police revolts. He most efficiently quelled the PAC revolt in UP for which he was sent there as CM by Mrs. Gandhi. He gave red carpet welcome to JP when he announced his visit to this largest state of the country. But on seeing Bahuguna's behaviour and intelligence Mr. Jai Prakash Narayan gave up the idea of organising massive movement in UP against Indira Gandhi, which he planned earlier. Very few people know that the system of Raza Iftara Parties that are massively held today in various nooks and corners of the country after the Ramzaan Fasts by various political parties to honour the Muslim brothers is also the invention of Late HN Bahugunaji who was considered as a great secular leader by the entire Muslim population of the country. Bahugunaji was definitely a genuine Prime Minister material and had he come back alive from Houston, USA after his second by-pass surgery of the heart he would have been the Prime Minister of India not Vishwanath Pratap Singh b'cause the entire left parties of the country including the like minded parties have assured Bahuguna of their total unstinting support in advance after he comes back to India with a sound and healthy heart. But destiny was not prepared for it and Mr. Bahuguna met his last in Houston leaving his millions of supporters is the state of shock, grief, disarray and immense quandry. Let's remember this great soul on his Birth Anniversary on 24th April and imbibe his ideals, principles and good doings to make India stronger, cohesive and harmonially strong.
                                                                                                                                      Sunil Negi

Why apprehension to come under RTI Ambit- Sunil Negi

It makes me utterly worried, shocked and rather in the state of mental anguish when I go through an investigative news item in a most prestigious Daily like HT that our Member of Parliaments of both the houses of Parliament who always claim themselves to be transparent, honest and fair in dealings while serving in public life have outrightly refused to come under the ambit of the Right to Information as far as the question of declaring their assets, liabilities or the bank balances are concerned. These public representatives are apprehensive of being trapped under the RTI declarations. Now my question to them is if they are honest enough, transparent in their dealings and honest in their social life why this apprehension of their assests being declared under the RTI. On the one hand we have great human beings like Kalyan sundaram, who serve in the government for 30 long years and donate each and every pie in the service of the poor and their abject poverty. We also have politicians like Manik Sarkaar, the CM of Tripura who survives on the monthly party amoluments of mere Rupees 5000 and no official car and travels by rickshaw, not even having his personal house and a sheer bank balance of Rupees 10 thousand only while on the other hand we have politicians having amassed billions of Rupees of wealth and are afraid of being trapped under the Right to information revelations, if allowed by the government . This is something very shocking in a country that boasts itself to be the largest democracy of the world and and a true open democracy. A big question mark on the integrity of our public servants. What to say. Left on you friends to answer this.

Why is BJP always for scrapping of developmental projects -Sunil Negi

When a state prospers for the sake of its people or if initiatives are made for the welfare and socio-economic well being of the state, my personal opinion says that one should take that positive step as a welcome move then to simply scuttle that initiative just b'cause you are in the opposition and since your duty is to oppose the ruling party therefore you will always oppose, come what may. Do you think that it is a right initiative or a welcome step or such endeavors should be put down or condemned with a heavy hand. I leave all this on you to decide and answer- being the best judge of the situation. The issue is that the present Chief Minister of UK Vijay Bahuguna has initiated an ambitious effort which enables the prestigious COCA COLA Company to open a huge plant in Uttarakhand with the initial staggering investment of Rs. 600 crores. This over ambitious plant will produce high quality non-alkohalic fruit juices etc and will initially provide employment to the local populace numbering about 1000 unemployed youths. Now the crux of the whole story is the President of the Bhartiya Janata Party of Uttarakhand Tirath Singh Rawat has given a call to close this highly ambitious project opening move of the socio-economic and industrial development of Uttarakhand saying that since the commencement of this project will badly effect the conditions of the power projects of the UK, it should be outrightly closed or scrapped. If it actually happens what will happen to the employment of the local population and what about the development of our state which is waiting since long to see that maximum financial investment particularly from abroad with the latest technology comes to Uttarakhand so as to enable our state prosper economically and industrially and help in providing our local youth maximum employment to make them economically viable, strong and self reliant. If initiatives are made by the present Chief Minister to the tune of 600 crores for investment in Uttarakhand these BJpites oppose tooth and nail. If Gairsain is made the temperory summer capital of UK these BJpites oppose. It the new Vinary policy for pulp fruit juices is introduced in UK by the present CM these BJpites oppose . If the salary pakages of the MBBS doctors not willing to go to the villages are doubled by Vijay Bahuguna to ensure that maximum doctors visit the interiors of the villages , these BJpites oppose. If Vijay Bahuguna gives positive directions to ensure that power projects are approved for increasing the power situation in the state these BJpites oppose. If something concrete and positive is done in the state for the betterment of the general public these BJpites oppose. My question to them therefore is-- if they want to oppose everything which the present Chief Minister of UK is doing then they should take sanyaas from active politics and go to the himalayan ranges to meditate as in my personal opinion they have become the symbol of opposition for the sake of opposing things which is not a healthy practice in a viable democracy like ours and directly against the interest of the people of the state.


Can anybody answer my question honestly without any prejudices or hard feelings about the leaders of BJP who on the one hand try to corner the UPA-2 in and outside Parliament on various nationally significant issues and claim themselves to be the sole political alternative to the current ruling establishment at the Centre governed by Dr. Manmohan Singh and controlled by the UPA Advisory Committee Chairperson Sonia Gandhi who also happens to be the most successful longest serving President of the 127 years old Congress Party and on the other they are still fighting a war within their own political party in terms of finalising the Prime Ministerial candidate particularly between the most sought after and heavily controvertial self styled leader Modi and having crossed more than 85 years of his life and still not able to capture the top slot Mr. L.K.Advani. The most talkative and full of oratorical skills Sushma Swaraj has yesterday created tremendous confusion, furore and controversy in and outside BJP's political corridors when she, while giving interview to AAJ TAK clearly and unambiguously declared that Modi is not the last choice but the most senior choice of the majority within the party hieraarchy is LK Advani who is very much in the race and that the same will be declared after consultation with the NDA partners at the opportune time. Sources say that this explosion from Sushma has made MODI and his supporters badly annoyed and indications are there that the BJP may face tremendous politcal upheaval in the near future on this most pivotal issue of Prime Ministership as according to the BJP insiders MODI is still carrying a tremendous fan following as far as the question of his candidature of being the prospective PM of NDA for the 2014 elections is concenred. Now the Buzz is if the Bhartiya Janata Party can't stop the intercine squabbles within their own party on the issue of the future Prime Minister of India though the elections of 2014 are fastly approaching near how can they pose a direct challenge to the UPA-2, which is currently in troubled waters on various fronts right from corruption to the issue of increasing price rise. Political analysts say if the BJP, the biggest partner of the NDA can not keep its own house in order , how can it pose a direct challenge to the UPA-2 lead by a 127 year old Congress having tremendous experience to govern this largest democracy of the world and become a credible alternative in the year 2014

Should Porn Clippings on Mobiles or Net be Banned- SUNIL NEGI

May be , the youngsters of the country, not all but very few or those addicted to see the pornographic material on net or through some other clandestine sources irrespective of the age factor may abuse me, criticize me or even threaten me for this post as I personally feel that viewing and freedom to allow viewing of the pornographic material may be immediately banned in view of the increasing incidents of rapes and subsequent tortures of our innocent women, particularly the incest rapes of the most horrendous, dastardly and gruesome types by the maniacs like Pradeep and Manoj now under police net who had committed this most heinous and dastardly act after viewing the pornograpfic film on their mobile, which I believe is easily and most conveniently available to each and every body as and when one desired to see and enjoy the lust for sex. I am extremely sorry and depressed to find as you must also be that during the last one year particularly in the capital city of Delhi as well as the other states of India have witnessed the most heinous, brutal and gruesome rapes and gang rapes of our daughters and sisters and the law of the land could not do anything stringent to ensure that such obnoxious and abominable acts do not recur in the immediate future. After tremendous public outcry and outrage nationally the government has undoubtedly introduced the new Anti -Rape Law with strong and stringent deterrents but the way incidents of rapes with the incests or adoloscents are taking place, it seems that such laws have had no effect on the mind of the sick, psycopaths, the mentally ill rapists and the juvenile delinquents. A gentleman named Wasvani has recently filed a PIL in the Honourable Supreme Court of India connecting the incident of heinous and gruesome rape of the 5 year old Gudia with the seeing of the pornographic material by the culprits on their mobile namely Manoj and Pradeep. Therefore , will it not be appropriate if a special law is introduced as a strong and viable deterrent to immediately ban pornographic films on internet and mobiles and strongly punishable with non-bailable Dharaas to avoid such shameful and dastardly acts in the immediate future. I personally believe that an initiative in this regard will be of great consequence if not now but in the immediate future or say in the coming months or years.

मंगलवार, 9 अप्रैल 2013

Varun Badola is a down to earth personality- Sunil Negi

The prominent Television personality, film actor, husband of the co-actress Rajeshwari and son of a well known veteran journalist and actor Vishwa Mohan Badola is undoubtedly a fantastic person, down to earth human being and with affable nature who dosen't have an inkling of proud in him of any kind. I got an opportunity of meeting him in person in a prestigious function of Young Uttarakhand Cine Awards held in New Delhi on 7th of April 2013 where he was invited as Chief Guest along with Miss India Aakriti Gusain. Mr. Badola came straight from Mumbai and sat in the function till the end to pose with the entire team of YUCA and some of the awardees without showing any sense of complacence or disinterest and chatted with good number of people who claimed themselves as his ardent fans and admirers. I also got good opportunity to interact with him for a pretty long time and he showed tremendous interest in the conversation , showing not an inkling of any disinterest despite of the fact that at times he was not even asked for any refreshments or hospitality. He was so generous and simple in his behaviour that when he felt of having some fag he requested someone within us to arrange the same for him without caring for any fixed brand. I took the advantage of the opportunity and presented him my two editions of Uttaranchal's Who's Who compiled, written and edited by me which fortunately also carried his detailed profile along with his photograph. I was really impressed by his simple mannerisms and affable nature and his genuine concern for the promotion and progress of the regional films of Uttarakhand. We should definitely be proud of personalities like Varun Badola who have by the dint of their hard work made a special place for themselves in the Theatre, Television and Film Industry of India. Varun who primarily hails from Pauri Garhwal is heading for his home town to enjoy the environments of the hills alongwith his family and claims proudly that he enjoys his summers in Garhwal every year come what may. I wish Varun all the very best in all his future endeavours.

शनिवार, 6 अप्रैल 2013

Will Kejrival be a game changer

By Sunil Negi

I was of the strong opinion that Arvind Kejrival will ultimately be the game changer in the present political scenario on whom as per the increasing media hype and the tremendous publicity he is receiving in the print and electronic media people of the country were badly relying as one of the main anti-corruption crusader on issues like Jan Lok Pal, electricity, water and sky rocketing price rise of essential commodities. There is no doubt that he had been trying hard to raise all the burning issues of the day and had even undertaken the 15 day long hunger strike in one of the narrow lanes of Sunder Nagri inhabited by the people of the lowest strata of the society. But I am sorry to say that despite of his best efforts in this regard he has as on date proved to be a complete flop as neither has he proved successful in channelizing the support of the masses of Delhi in his meetings nor has he been successful in giving a concrete and credible political alternative at the centre or state level. It is really shocking to see that he is the same Kejrival who once in the company of Anna was dictating terms to the important representatives of the Union Government on the significant issue of Jan Lok Pal and today after severing links and relationship with Anna Hazare he has brought himself to the stature of a state leader in Delhi where he is constrained to fight on the local issues of electricity and water and that too on a very feeble note now Kejrival has from the front pages come down to the inner pages of the news papers, which in my personal opinion amounts to political demotion than promotion. I am of the strong opinion that had Kejriwal not taken the decision of forming a political party in a hurry or desperation he would have been a person of great national significance and would have by now under the leadership of Anna taken his anti-corruption crusade nationally and in a most impressive way,which unfortunately is badly lacking today. Moreover after forming a political party Arvind Kejrival has joined the same political class which is embedded in corruption and those who adopt unfair and unjustifiable means to win elections. Not only this but he has confined himself with a limited number of coterie and has not extended his sphere of collective leadership at the state levels or nationally. Today, what makes me worrisome about him is despite of his undertaking 15 days fast he has not at all been able to increase either his socio-political influence in Delhi nor has he been successful in credibly translating his support base into actual vote bank which he expects to receive during the incoming Delhi elections against the Congress Party. I feel it is very easy to oppose the ruling establishment on vital issues of regional importance but in the absence of any credible alternative or well organized political party which AAP is not, its very difficult to dethrone the credible leader like Shiela Dikshit and her party which has during her last 14 years of concrete rule has make Delhi highly modern, advanced and progressive in terms of all round development and also announced and implemented scores of pro-people and pro-poor programes for the development of the vast sections of the Delhi Society. Moreover to challenge the more than a 100 year old party with a loose network of AAP and childish attempts of his followers like enrolling the people in the fold of AAP on the roads will in any case not prove successful and constructive at any cost. Lets see what results the efforts of Arvind Kejrival bring in the fast approaching elections of Delhi, but as far my personal opinion goes he will not at all be able to cut ice against Shiela Dikshit as his efforts may only result in helping the main opposition BJP than to pose a direct challenge to the ruling party in Delhi. May be I am wrong, but the present analysis and my assesment after interviewing the cross sections of the people in Delhi only leads to the conclusion as above. Please don,t misunderstand me for this post.

गुरुवार, 4 अप्रैल 2013

Will Dhoni contribute a single percent of his earnings for UK sportsmen

By Sunil Negi, Journalist and Media Consultant, Delhi Commission For Women
It is usually said that rich beget riches. Meaning , money multiplies more money. Gone are the days when rags to riches stories were the features of the daily life. In today's world its only the rich who can become more rich by virtue of his already existing riches. But I can say with full confidence that in the case of Mohinder Singh Dhoni the rags to riches story has infact worked and borne fruits. Yes, it is true that he made a special place for himself in the world of cricket by the dint of his hard work, sincerety, full dedication and of course his special technical playing spirits as a most accepted batsman, wicketkeeper as well as a bowler at times.And above all, the best captain. Today as an Uttarakhandi I am proud that Dhoni hails from Uttarakhand and so his wife . But the fact that today Mohinder Singh Dhoni is earning Rupees hundred crores a year by way of his endorsements for advertisements for various prestigious brands of the country and that he is holding the 31st rank in the prestigious list of Forbes business magazine amongst the most top rich players of the world make me more proud to be an Uttarakhandi. What is more surprising and a matter of honor is that today Dhoni has left behind the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulker in terms of annual earnings through endorsements for various brands by earning Rs. 60 crores more than him, who was earlier the topmost earner through advertisements for the branded companies of the world. While feeling immensely delighted and privileged for being an Uttarakhandi from where originally M.S. Dhoni belongs, my since advice to him is to atleast donate a mere one percent of his huge earnings for the cricketers and the footballers of Uttarakhand so that they can also one day reach high altitudes of achievements like him in their respective fields of Footballing and cricketering. The people of UK are expecting that Dhoni gives a bit of him for the welfare and well being of the players of UK origin in various desciplines of games. Hope MS Dhoni will be earnest and humble enough to contribute his bit in this regard in the days to come if by chance this post reaches him by the way. May I therefore request my FB friends to share this post as much as you can to ensure that it reaches Dhoni one day and the needful done by him, subsequently.

Baba Blesses one and all with His valuable grace and divinity

 By Sunil Negi, Journalist and Media Consultant, Delhi Commission For Women

The Sai Baba of Shirdi is in true sense the God of millions , the world over, who is not only Omnipresent, Omniscient and the direct Incarnation of Lord Vishnu curing scores of people suffering with incurable diseases but had also graced His innumerable Bhaktas with issues, whenever they went to Him with the desire to have children. The life of Sai Baba was naturally sweet. The way He ate, walked, begged and blessed people clearly exhibited that His life was bliss Incarnate. Sai Baba gave bliss to His devotees as a means of remembrance. His basic objective of life was to involve people to the service of God. Though Sai Baba always expected people to lead extremely happy and prosperous lives but His basic concentration was to ensure that they attain self realization. Sai Baba always said that we get human body as a result of merits in the past births and it is worthwhile that with its aid, we should attain devotion in this life as well. Whoever hear the Leelas of Sai Baba daily or remembers Him with due concentration will definitely be finally merged in pure consciousness. Sai Baba of Shirdi always thought for the welfare and well-being of His devotees and have not only cured people with dreaded diseases through His miracles and blessings but have also given children to the childless parents whoever came to His abode i.e. Dwarkamayee and prayed to Him for the same. To substantiate this contention I am elaborating a factual story of a rich man who was immensely disturbed and worrisome for want of a son and how he finally got his wishes resolved positively by Baba's blessings as mentioned in Chapter 16th of Sai Sad charitra authored by Hemad Pant, an ardent Sai devotee and close companion. In Nanded, in the Nizam State, there lived a Parsi mill-contractor and trader, by the name, Rattanji Shapurji Wadia. Wadia was so rich that he had amassed a large amount of money as well as fields and lands. He had good number of cattles, horses, expensive vehicles and was very prosperous. In all outward appearences, he looked extremely joyous, happy and contended but inwardly he was a most disturbedand an aggrieved person. Providential dispensation is such that, no one in this world is completely happy, satisfied and affluent and Rattanji was no exception to this universal fact. He was liberal and charitable who always gave food and clothings to the poor and hapless. The people took him to be a good and happy man. But Rattanji thought himself entirely miserable, as he had all the riches but no issues, male or female, for a long time. Just as Kirtan (singing glories of the Lord) without love or devotion, songs without rhythmical accompaniments, Brahmin without a sacred thread, proficiency in all arts without commonsense, pilgrimage without redemption and ornamentation with a necklace, are futile and useless, so is a house-holder without an issues. Rattanjee always brooded on this crucial matter and said in his mind, “would God be ever pleased to grant me a son. He had a great regard and respect for Das Ganu Maharaj, one of Baba’s close companion and ardent devotee. He desperately met him and finally opened his heart before Das Ganu. On hearing his genuine woes, Das Ganu advised him to go to Shirdi. Carrying hopes of positivity, he went to Baba,s ABODE, Shridhi, after some days and fell on His feet after having his pious Darshans. Then opening a basket, he took out a beautiful garland of flowers and placed it around Baba’s neck and also offered Him a basket of fruits. With reverence he then sat near Baba and prayed to Him most humbly, saying ,” Many persons, who find themselves in miserable situations come to you for solace and You relieve them immediately. Hearing this, I have anxiously sought Your Feet, please do not disappoint me.” Sai Baba then asked him for Dakshina of Rupees five, which Ratanji pleasingly intended to give, but added that He had already received Rs. 3-14-0 from him and that, he should pay the balance only. Hearing this, Ratanji was rather puzzled. He could not make out as to what exactly Baba meant. That was the first time, he thought that he had come to Shirdi and how was it that, Baba had earlier received Rupees 3-14-0 from him? The puzzle was really shocking. He was totally confused and cannot solve the riddle. But confused still, he sat at Baba’s Feet and gave the balance of the Dakshina asked by, explained to Baba fully, as to why he came and sought His help and prayed that Baba should bless him with a son, by all means. Baba was passionately moved and assured him not worry and that thence onward his bad and unfortunate days had ended. He then gave him UDI, placed His Hand on his head and blessed him saying that ALLAH would satisfy his heart’s desire. Feeling immensely satisfied and confused as wellup to some extent Rattanji took Baba’s leave and returned to Nanded. He anxiously met Das Ganu Maharaj and narrated the whole incident and experience to him, that took place in Shirdi. He explained that everything well well there, that he got Baba’s satisfactory Darshans and Blessings with Prasad, but there was one thing which is still confusing him again and again and which he could’nt understand till now. Baba said to him that he got Rs. 3-14-0 before. Please explain, as to what Baba meant by this remark. He said to Das Ganu,’’ I never went to Shridhi before and therefore how could I give him the aforesaid sum to which Baba referred?”To Das Ganu too, it was a complex puzzle and he thought much over it again and again for a long time. Sometime afterwards, it struck him that, Rattanji had received some days ago a Mohammaden saint by the name of Maulvi saheb in his house and had spent some mony for his reception. This Maulvi saheb was a well known revered saint of Nanded and worked as a porter in a railway station. When Rattanji decided to to go to Shirdi, this Maulvi saheb turned up to Rattanji’s house. Rattanji knew and very much adored him. So, he arranged a small party in his honour. Das Ganu got from Rattanji, the memo of expenses of this reception and everybody was shockingly wonderstruck to see that the expenses incurred in the party amounted to exactly Rs. 3-14-0, nothing more, nothing less. They all came to know that, Baba was really Omniscient, that though, He lived in Shirdi. He knew through his vast supernatural powers, what happened outside, far away from Dwarkamayee. In fact, He knew the past, present and future and could conveniently identify Himself with anybody. In this particular instance, how could He know about the reception accorded to Maulvi Saheb and the amount spent thereon, unless, He could identify Himself with the former and be one with him. Rattanji, who was extremely puzzled earlier was now completely satisfied with the explanation and his Faith in Baba was not only confirmed but increased multifold. In due time he was blessed with a son and his joy knew no bounds. It was revealed later that he had in all a dozen issues, out of which only four survived by the grace of Sai Baba. Similarly, in one of the other instances, Sai Baba told one of the other devotee named Ram Bahadur Hari Vinayak Sathe, after the death of his first wife, to remarry and that, he would get a son. On Baba’s advice Sathe married for the second time and surprisingly got two beautiful daughters and a third son. He infact, thereafter had tremendous faith in Baba’s blessings and continued praying at His Feet throughout his life till he was alive. I myself have experienced the miracle in this context, when my brother-in-law after his marriage could not procure any children even after eight years of his marriage. Both the husband and wife went to good number of doctors but of no avail. My mother-in-law who is now no more went to Shirdi and sincerely prayed at Baba’s Samadhi saying that she would visit Shridhi again if her daughter-in-law conceives the child preferably a son. Everybody were surprised to see her wishes fulfilled, when the next year after her darshan of Baba’s Samadhi, she got a grandson. She named him Sai. Today, this Baba’s valuable gift Sai i.e. son of my brother-in-law is hale and hearty and is studying in class 6th in Pauri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Such was Sai Baba’s Keerti and Chamatkar, when all the medical treatments failed and doctors refused to find the solution to this vexed issue. Therefore, always consider Baba as a true incarnation of Lord Rama, Krishna, Vishnu and Shiva and surrender completely at His feet. He will definitely and surely bless you and your family with all His Might and bring prosperity, sound health, progress and all round development at your door steps.
Jai Sai Ram

सोमवार, 1 अप्रैल 2013

Garhwal Heroes again wins the historical DSA title after 27 long years

By  Sunil Negi
The Garhwal Heroes Football Club, one of the prestigious and 61 year old club of Delhi has again made history few days ago when after 27 long years the players of the club again clinched the prestigious DSA Title as the chief football team of Delhi amongst all other aspiring teams. This is infact a most historical moment for the dedicated players of GHFC and also the managers who are tirelessly putting their best dedicated efforts to pool funds and also other means of facilities to ensure that despite of squeezed funds and no better source of funding its players bring laurels for the team. I must congratulate its Coaches Mr. Rana, MS Patwal, Anil Negi and BS Negi for being always in the forefront to manage the prestige of the Club. Mr. KC Singh Baba, its Chief Patron also deserves all appreciation for always being quite supportive in this joint effort alongwith Anil Negi and B.S.Negi. It is also appreciable to note that about 1000 players of poor economic background have so far been employed in various Governmental and semi governmental organisations of Delhi and  various other states of INDIA.

MEANWHILE, the patron of Garhwal Heroes Football Club, Mr. K.C. Singh Baba, MP publicaly assured the management and players of the club that he will do his level best to ensure that maximum financial contribution is given to the club in the forthcoming future. While declaring his personal donation of Rs.1 Lakh to Garhwal Heroes Football Club, K.C. Singh Baba highly appreciated the excellent performance of the players in reaching the quarterfinal in Durand Cup and urged the government to include Uttarakhand in the special status category of Himalayan Area Games under which the Union Government gives maximum financial support for the upbringing of the budding sportpersons of the hilly areas of the country. Mr. Baba specifically thanked the current management of the club and its enthusiastic office bearers namely, B.S. Negi, President and Anil Negi, Secretary of Garhwal Heroes Football Club.

Mr. K.C. Sing Baba expressed these views while addressing an impressive gathering of over 100 selected personalities of Uttarakhand at 4, MAHADEV ROAD, on the occasion of the club's Annual Function. Mr. B.C. Tripathi, Chairman, GAIL also declared his organisation's sponsorship to the tune of Rs. 5 Lakhs to the club in the near future.
Mr. Pradeep Tamta, MP, Mr. K.C. Pandey, Industrialist and Mr. Sunil Negi, Senior Journalist and President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum etc also spoke on this occasion and assured of every possible help to the club.

All the players of Garhwal Heroes Football Club were also felicitated on the occasion including players of the Club's Women's Team. Various dignitaries present, while assuring their whole-hearted support, also declared of their individual annual contributions to the club.

 Encouraged by the overwhelming support of the sport lovers, the secretary of the club Mr. Anil Negi declared that the club will come out with a definite professional strategy and corporate perspective in order to give all round boost to the highly potential players of the club in the near future.


I have a simple question for our countrymen. Being the largest democracy of the world and a country strictly believing in adherence to the law of the land, can we or our custodians of law or the honourable judiciary surrender to the wishes of the few who desire to forget and forgive somebody who hails from an affluent or say highly influensive family just because his case in question is being tremendously highlighted and getting extreme media hype for the last few days since he was delivered the sentence of five years in Jail for purchasing highly objectionable and illegal arms from the criminals no less than those allegedly involved in the most obnoxious Mumbai Blasts of 1993 that claimed the innocent lives of many. Yes I am talking about the case of Sanju Baba a great human being and an actor par excellence who have served the Bollywood for more than 3 decades and entertained billions of our countrymen with his fantastic acting and humorous role in most fascinating films like Munna Bhai MBBS. The question is if actor like Sanju Baba are forgiven and they are pardoned as a special case then what about the matters of thousands of the similar cases lying pending in the various courts of law of the country and similar undertrials fighting their respective cases since long. Will such clemency not set the wrong precedence in the history of legal processes. Sanju Baba has undoubtedly already suffered a lot by being in solitary confinement and behind the bars for more than 18 months earlier, but does it mean that he should be pardoned b'cause various important and prestigious personalities of the country ar asking for his reprieve. On the one hand we say that our Law is equal for everybody irrespective of any class, community, creed, race, sex or status irrespective of the fact that whether one is rich or poor, affluent or hapless and on the other hand we are so much concerned about granting amnesty or pardon to Sanju Baba. Sanju Baba undoubtedly carries behind him the following of the billions of fans worldwide but does that mean that the law of the land should show leniency towards him despite of the fact that he has committed an act of wrong by way of purchasing the AK 56 rifle and a 9 MM pistol from some doubtful elements who allegedly were said to be involved in the abominable violence and blasts of Mumbai in the year 1993. The question is interesting and is in the news these days inviting the attention of one and all. Let's see how do the FB friends react on this vital issue. The ball is now in their court to answer on this complex issue. The question is should Sanjay Dutt be pardoned or treated like any other ordinary criminal?