शनिवार, 27 अप्रैल 2013

REMEMBERING BAHUGUNA- a great political stalwart and foundation of secularism in India

24th April is celebrated as the Birth Day of Late Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna, the renowned political stalwart of his time. Though Bahugunaji is not with us but his ideology, good deeds, pro-people achievements and urge to keep the society intact and cohesive by maintaining the secular credentials of the nation will always be in our minds whenever we will remember him every year during his birth and death anniversaries. I have been fortunate enough to be in his company, midst and of course under his dashing and dynamic leadership for more then a decade when I was a full timer in his parties known as Congress For Democracy, Democratic Socialist Party and Dalit Mazdoor Kisaan Party heading their Youth Wings in Delhi including Lok Dal when he merged with Chaudhary Charan Singhji's Party in the last phase of his life. Bahuguna who was a true secularist and believed strongly in the decentralisation of the economic and political power for the socio-economic upliftment and well being of the people living at the lowest ebb of the society held various important positions in the Congress Party and the successive governments that followed later on after his annoyance with the Late Prime Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi over the issue of the imposition of emergency during the 1977, when Jai Prakash Narayan lead a movement to dethrone her . Bahuguna always fought for the principles and sacrificed his important political positions for maintaining those ideals and principles which he thought were coming on the way of achieving the political power or the values he actually stood for. He was the Chief Minister of UP in 1974-75, Communication Minister during Indira's tenure and also lead many ministries as Union Minister during Morarji Desai's PM ship as Minister for Finance and Petroleum, Chemicals and Ferlilizer. He was also the Secretary General of Congress and lead it to victory when he rejoined Congress after getting invitation from Mrs. Gandhi to come out of it's fold later on because of his differences with Sanjay Gandhi. He brought a No confidence movement against the then Central government as well on various important national issues of public concern. While being the Chief Minister of UP he was credited for forming the first ever separate Hill Development Board of Uttarakhand, thus laying for the first time the concrete foundation of the would be separate Uttarakahnd State. Not a single riot took place in UP during his Chief Ministership which earlier used to be the place of regular Hindu Muslim riots or police revolts. He most efficiently quelled the PAC revolt in UP for which he was sent there as CM by Mrs. Gandhi. He gave red carpet welcome to JP when he announced his visit to this largest state of the country. But on seeing Bahuguna's behaviour and intelligence Mr. Jai Prakash Narayan gave up the idea of organising massive movement in UP against Indira Gandhi, which he planned earlier. Very few people know that the system of Raza Iftara Parties that are massively held today in various nooks and corners of the country after the Ramzaan Fasts by various political parties to honour the Muslim brothers is also the invention of Late HN Bahugunaji who was considered as a great secular leader by the entire Muslim population of the country. Bahugunaji was definitely a genuine Prime Minister material and had he come back alive from Houston, USA after his second by-pass surgery of the heart he would have been the Prime Minister of India not Vishwanath Pratap Singh b'cause the entire left parties of the country including the like minded parties have assured Bahuguna of their total unstinting support in advance after he comes back to India with a sound and healthy heart. But destiny was not prepared for it and Mr. Bahuguna met his last in Houston leaving his millions of supporters is the state of shock, grief, disarray and immense quandry. Let's remember this great soul on his Birth Anniversary on 24th April and imbibe his ideals, principles and good doings to make India stronger, cohesive and harmonially strong.
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