शनिवार, 27 अप्रैल 2013

Why apprehension to come under RTI Ambit- Sunil Negi

It makes me utterly worried, shocked and rather in the state of mental anguish when I go through an investigative news item in a most prestigious Daily like HT that our Member of Parliaments of both the houses of Parliament who always claim themselves to be transparent, honest and fair in dealings while serving in public life have outrightly refused to come under the ambit of the Right to Information as far as the question of declaring their assets, liabilities or the bank balances are concerned. These public representatives are apprehensive of being trapped under the RTI declarations. Now my question to them is if they are honest enough, transparent in their dealings and honest in their social life why this apprehension of their assests being declared under the RTI. On the one hand we have great human beings like Kalyan sundaram, who serve in the government for 30 long years and donate each and every pie in the service of the poor and their abject poverty. We also have politicians like Manik Sarkaar, the CM of Tripura who survives on the monthly party amoluments of mere Rupees 5000 and no official car and travels by rickshaw, not even having his personal house and a sheer bank balance of Rupees 10 thousand only while on the other hand we have politicians having amassed billions of Rupees of wealth and are afraid of being trapped under the Right to information revelations, if allowed by the government . This is something very shocking in a country that boasts itself to be the largest democracy of the world and and a true open democracy. A big question mark on the integrity of our public servants. What to say. Left on you friends to answer this.