शनिवार, 27 अप्रैल 2013

Why is BJP always for scrapping of developmental projects -Sunil Negi

When a state prospers for the sake of its people or if initiatives are made for the welfare and socio-economic well being of the state, my personal opinion says that one should take that positive step as a welcome move then to simply scuttle that initiative just b'cause you are in the opposition and since your duty is to oppose the ruling party therefore you will always oppose, come what may. Do you think that it is a right initiative or a welcome step or such endeavors should be put down or condemned with a heavy hand. I leave all this on you to decide and answer- being the best judge of the situation. The issue is that the present Chief Minister of UK Vijay Bahuguna has initiated an ambitious effort which enables the prestigious COCA COLA Company to open a huge plant in Uttarakhand with the initial staggering investment of Rs. 600 crores. This over ambitious plant will produce high quality non-alkohalic fruit juices etc and will initially provide employment to the local populace numbering about 1000 unemployed youths. Now the crux of the whole story is the President of the Bhartiya Janata Party of Uttarakhand Tirath Singh Rawat has given a call to close this highly ambitious project opening move of the socio-economic and industrial development of Uttarakhand saying that since the commencement of this project will badly effect the conditions of the power projects of the UK, it should be outrightly closed or scrapped. If it actually happens what will happen to the employment of the local population and what about the development of our state which is waiting since long to see that maximum financial investment particularly from abroad with the latest technology comes to Uttarakhand so as to enable our state prosper economically and industrially and help in providing our local youth maximum employment to make them economically viable, strong and self reliant. If initiatives are made by the present Chief Minister to the tune of 600 crores for investment in Uttarakhand these BJpites oppose tooth and nail. If Gairsain is made the temperory summer capital of UK these BJpites oppose. It the new Vinary policy for pulp fruit juices is introduced in UK by the present CM these BJpites oppose . If the salary pakages of the MBBS doctors not willing to go to the villages are doubled by Vijay Bahuguna to ensure that maximum doctors visit the interiors of the villages , these BJpites oppose. If Vijay Bahuguna gives positive directions to ensure that power projects are approved for increasing the power situation in the state these BJpites oppose. If something concrete and positive is done in the state for the betterment of the general public these BJpites oppose. My question to them therefore is-- if they want to oppose everything which the present Chief Minister of UK is doing then they should take sanyaas from active politics and go to the himalayan ranges to meditate as in my personal opinion they have become the symbol of opposition for the sake of opposing things which is not a healthy practice in a viable democracy like ours and directly against the interest of the people of the state.