शनिवार, 27 अप्रैल 2013


Can anybody answer my question honestly without any prejudices or hard feelings about the leaders of BJP who on the one hand try to corner the UPA-2 in and outside Parliament on various nationally significant issues and claim themselves to be the sole political alternative to the current ruling establishment at the Centre governed by Dr. Manmohan Singh and controlled by the UPA Advisory Committee Chairperson Sonia Gandhi who also happens to be the most successful longest serving President of the 127 years old Congress Party and on the other they are still fighting a war within their own political party in terms of finalising the Prime Ministerial candidate particularly between the most sought after and heavily controvertial self styled leader Modi and having crossed more than 85 years of his life and still not able to capture the top slot Mr. L.K.Advani. The most talkative and full of oratorical skills Sushma Swaraj has yesterday created tremendous confusion, furore and controversy in and outside BJP's political corridors when she, while giving interview to AAJ TAK clearly and unambiguously declared that Modi is not the last choice but the most senior choice of the majority within the party hieraarchy is LK Advani who is very much in the race and that the same will be declared after consultation with the NDA partners at the opportune time. Sources say that this explosion from Sushma has made MODI and his supporters badly annoyed and indications are there that the BJP may face tremendous politcal upheaval in the near future on this most pivotal issue of Prime Ministership as according to the BJP insiders MODI is still carrying a tremendous fan following as far as the question of his candidature of being the prospective PM of NDA for the 2014 elections is concenred. Now the Buzz is if the Bhartiya Janata Party can't stop the intercine squabbles within their own party on the issue of the future Prime Minister of India though the elections of 2014 are fastly approaching near how can they pose a direct challenge to the UPA-2, which is currently in troubled waters on various fronts right from corruption to the issue of increasing price rise. Political analysts say if the BJP, the biggest partner of the NDA can not keep its own house in order , how can it pose a direct challenge to the UPA-2 lead by a 127 year old Congress having tremendous experience to govern this largest democracy of the world and become a credible alternative in the year 2014