गुरुवार, 4 अप्रैल 2013

Baba Blesses one and all with His valuable grace and divinity

 By Sunil Negi, Journalist and Media Consultant, Delhi Commission For Women

The Sai Baba of Shirdi is in true sense the God of millions , the world over, who is not only Omnipresent, Omniscient and the direct Incarnation of Lord Vishnu curing scores of people suffering with incurable diseases but had also graced His innumerable Bhaktas with issues, whenever they went to Him with the desire to have children. The life of Sai Baba was naturally sweet. The way He ate, walked, begged and blessed people clearly exhibited that His life was bliss Incarnate. Sai Baba gave bliss to His devotees as a means of remembrance. His basic objective of life was to involve people to the service of God. Though Sai Baba always expected people to lead extremely happy and prosperous lives but His basic concentration was to ensure that they attain self realization. Sai Baba always said that we get human body as a result of merits in the past births and it is worthwhile that with its aid, we should attain devotion in this life as well. Whoever hear the Leelas of Sai Baba daily or remembers Him with due concentration will definitely be finally merged in pure consciousness. Sai Baba of Shirdi always thought for the welfare and well-being of His devotees and have not only cured people with dreaded diseases through His miracles and blessings but have also given children to the childless parents whoever came to His abode i.e. Dwarkamayee and prayed to Him for the same. To substantiate this contention I am elaborating a factual story of a rich man who was immensely disturbed and worrisome for want of a son and how he finally got his wishes resolved positively by Baba's blessings as mentioned in Chapter 16th of Sai Sad charitra authored by Hemad Pant, an ardent Sai devotee and close companion. In Nanded, in the Nizam State, there lived a Parsi mill-contractor and trader, by the name, Rattanji Shapurji Wadia. Wadia was so rich that he had amassed a large amount of money as well as fields and lands. He had good number of cattles, horses, expensive vehicles and was very prosperous. In all outward appearences, he looked extremely joyous, happy and contended but inwardly he was a most disturbedand an aggrieved person. Providential dispensation is such that, no one in this world is completely happy, satisfied and affluent and Rattanji was no exception to this universal fact. He was liberal and charitable who always gave food and clothings to the poor and hapless. The people took him to be a good and happy man. But Rattanji thought himself entirely miserable, as he had all the riches but no issues, male or female, for a long time. Just as Kirtan (singing glories of the Lord) without love or devotion, songs without rhythmical accompaniments, Brahmin without a sacred thread, proficiency in all arts without commonsense, pilgrimage without redemption and ornamentation with a necklace, are futile and useless, so is a house-holder without an issues. Rattanjee always brooded on this crucial matter and said in his mind, “would God be ever pleased to grant me a son. He had a great regard and respect for Das Ganu Maharaj, one of Baba’s close companion and ardent devotee. He desperately met him and finally opened his heart before Das Ganu. On hearing his genuine woes, Das Ganu advised him to go to Shirdi. Carrying hopes of positivity, he went to Baba,s ABODE, Shridhi, after some days and fell on His feet after having his pious Darshans. Then opening a basket, he took out a beautiful garland of flowers and placed it around Baba’s neck and also offered Him a basket of fruits. With reverence he then sat near Baba and prayed to Him most humbly, saying ,” Many persons, who find themselves in miserable situations come to you for solace and You relieve them immediately. Hearing this, I have anxiously sought Your Feet, please do not disappoint me.” Sai Baba then asked him for Dakshina of Rupees five, which Ratanji pleasingly intended to give, but added that He had already received Rs. 3-14-0 from him and that, he should pay the balance only. Hearing this, Ratanji was rather puzzled. He could not make out as to what exactly Baba meant. That was the first time, he thought that he had come to Shirdi and how was it that, Baba had earlier received Rupees 3-14-0 from him? The puzzle was really shocking. He was totally confused and cannot solve the riddle. But confused still, he sat at Baba’s Feet and gave the balance of the Dakshina asked by, explained to Baba fully, as to why he came and sought His help and prayed that Baba should bless him with a son, by all means. Baba was passionately moved and assured him not worry and that thence onward his bad and unfortunate days had ended. He then gave him UDI, placed His Hand on his head and blessed him saying that ALLAH would satisfy his heart’s desire. Feeling immensely satisfied and confused as wellup to some extent Rattanji took Baba’s leave and returned to Nanded. He anxiously met Das Ganu Maharaj and narrated the whole incident and experience to him, that took place in Shirdi. He explained that everything well well there, that he got Baba’s satisfactory Darshans and Blessings with Prasad, but there was one thing which is still confusing him again and again and which he could’nt understand till now. Baba said to him that he got Rs. 3-14-0 before. Please explain, as to what Baba meant by this remark. He said to Das Ganu,’’ I never went to Shridhi before and therefore how could I give him the aforesaid sum to which Baba referred?”To Das Ganu too, it was a complex puzzle and he thought much over it again and again for a long time. Sometime afterwards, it struck him that, Rattanji had received some days ago a Mohammaden saint by the name of Maulvi saheb in his house and had spent some mony for his reception. This Maulvi saheb was a well known revered saint of Nanded and worked as a porter in a railway station. When Rattanji decided to to go to Shirdi, this Maulvi saheb turned up to Rattanji’s house. Rattanji knew and very much adored him. So, he arranged a small party in his honour. Das Ganu got from Rattanji, the memo of expenses of this reception and everybody was shockingly wonderstruck to see that the expenses incurred in the party amounted to exactly Rs. 3-14-0, nothing more, nothing less. They all came to know that, Baba was really Omniscient, that though, He lived in Shirdi. He knew through his vast supernatural powers, what happened outside, far away from Dwarkamayee. In fact, He knew the past, present and future and could conveniently identify Himself with anybody. In this particular instance, how could He know about the reception accorded to Maulvi Saheb and the amount spent thereon, unless, He could identify Himself with the former and be one with him. Rattanji, who was extremely puzzled earlier was now completely satisfied with the explanation and his Faith in Baba was not only confirmed but increased multifold. In due time he was blessed with a son and his joy knew no bounds. It was revealed later that he had in all a dozen issues, out of which only four survived by the grace of Sai Baba. Similarly, in one of the other instances, Sai Baba told one of the other devotee named Ram Bahadur Hari Vinayak Sathe, after the death of his first wife, to remarry and that, he would get a son. On Baba’s advice Sathe married for the second time and surprisingly got two beautiful daughters and a third son. He infact, thereafter had tremendous faith in Baba’s blessings and continued praying at His Feet throughout his life till he was alive. I myself have experienced the miracle in this context, when my brother-in-law after his marriage could not procure any children even after eight years of his marriage. Both the husband and wife went to good number of doctors but of no avail. My mother-in-law who is now no more went to Shirdi and sincerely prayed at Baba’s Samadhi saying that she would visit Shridhi again if her daughter-in-law conceives the child preferably a son. Everybody were surprised to see her wishes fulfilled, when the next year after her darshan of Baba’s Samadhi, she got a grandson. She named him Sai. Today, this Baba’s valuable gift Sai i.e. son of my brother-in-law is hale and hearty and is studying in class 6th in Pauri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Such was Sai Baba’s Keerti and Chamatkar, when all the medical treatments failed and doctors refused to find the solution to this vexed issue. Therefore, always consider Baba as a true incarnation of Lord Rama, Krishna, Vishnu and Shiva and surrender completely at His feet. He will definitely and surely bless you and your family with all His Might and bring prosperity, sound health, progress and all round development at your door steps.
Jai Sai Ram