सोमवार, 1 अप्रैल 2013


I have a simple question for our countrymen. Being the largest democracy of the world and a country strictly believing in adherence to the law of the land, can we or our custodians of law or the honourable judiciary surrender to the wishes of the few who desire to forget and forgive somebody who hails from an affluent or say highly influensive family just because his case in question is being tremendously highlighted and getting extreme media hype for the last few days since he was delivered the sentence of five years in Jail for purchasing highly objectionable and illegal arms from the criminals no less than those allegedly involved in the most obnoxious Mumbai Blasts of 1993 that claimed the innocent lives of many. Yes I am talking about the case of Sanju Baba a great human being and an actor par excellence who have served the Bollywood for more than 3 decades and entertained billions of our countrymen with his fantastic acting and humorous role in most fascinating films like Munna Bhai MBBS. The question is if actor like Sanju Baba are forgiven and they are pardoned as a special case then what about the matters of thousands of the similar cases lying pending in the various courts of law of the country and similar undertrials fighting their respective cases since long. Will such clemency not set the wrong precedence in the history of legal processes. Sanju Baba has undoubtedly already suffered a lot by being in solitary confinement and behind the bars for more than 18 months earlier, but does it mean that he should be pardoned b'cause various important and prestigious personalities of the country ar asking for his reprieve. On the one hand we say that our Law is equal for everybody irrespective of any class, community, creed, race, sex or status irrespective of the fact that whether one is rich or poor, affluent or hapless and on the other hand we are so much concerned about granting amnesty or pardon to Sanju Baba. Sanju Baba undoubtedly carries behind him the following of the billions of fans worldwide but does that mean that the law of the land should show leniency towards him despite of the fact that he has committed an act of wrong by way of purchasing the AK 56 rifle and a 9 MM pistol from some doubtful elements who allegedly were said to be involved in the abominable violence and blasts of Mumbai in the year 1993. The question is interesting and is in the news these days inviting the attention of one and all. Let's see how do the FB friends react on this vital issue. The ball is now in their court to answer on this complex issue. The question is should Sanjay Dutt be pardoned or treated like any other ordinary criminal?