मंगलवार, 30 अप्रैल 2013

Ruling Party in Troubled waters in UK

The results of the local bodies of Uttarakhand are pouring in and in most of the Municipal seats and Nagar Palikas the main opposition party BJP seems to have out rightly GAINED the upper hand giving clear indication that the political health of the ruling party in the twelve year old state is not good and things are badly going against it for future as well. There is not an inkling of doubt that various factors right from corruption to sky rocketing price hike of the essential commodities at the central level  and the weak leadership of the State including the inter cine squabbles in the ruling party at the state level has resulted in the major defeat of the ruling party but the fact remains that if situation is not improved in the near future it may further lead to more political complications for the party in the forthcoming parliamentary elections slated for 2014.
There is not doubt that the local elections are primarily fought on the local issues of development and role of the state leadership in structuring the socioeconomic future of the state  also plays a very vital role but I personally think that the war of words coming in the public within the Congress leaders of stature for gaining political mileage and the chair of CM ship plus the deteriorating political situation at the center has multi dimensionally added to the defeat of the ruling party in UK. Let's see what has destiny kept in store for Vijay Bahuguna in future and hope that honest sense of integrity and pro-people inclination prevails on the present leadership for the welfare and well being of the people of Uttarakhand particularly after this staggering defeat.

Sunil Negi