शनिवार, 6 अप्रैल 2013

Will Kejrival be a game changer

By Sunil Negi

I was of the strong opinion that Arvind Kejrival will ultimately be the game changer in the present political scenario on whom as per the increasing media hype and the tremendous publicity he is receiving in the print and electronic media people of the country were badly relying as one of the main anti-corruption crusader on issues like Jan Lok Pal, electricity, water and sky rocketing price rise of essential commodities. There is no doubt that he had been trying hard to raise all the burning issues of the day and had even undertaken the 15 day long hunger strike in one of the narrow lanes of Sunder Nagri inhabited by the people of the lowest strata of the society. But I am sorry to say that despite of his best efforts in this regard he has as on date proved to be a complete flop as neither has he proved successful in channelizing the support of the masses of Delhi in his meetings nor has he been successful in giving a concrete and credible political alternative at the centre or state level. It is really shocking to see that he is the same Kejrival who once in the company of Anna was dictating terms to the important representatives of the Union Government on the significant issue of Jan Lok Pal and today after severing links and relationship with Anna Hazare he has brought himself to the stature of a state leader in Delhi where he is constrained to fight on the local issues of electricity and water and that too on a very feeble note now Kejrival has from the front pages come down to the inner pages of the news papers, which in my personal opinion amounts to political demotion than promotion. I am of the strong opinion that had Kejriwal not taken the decision of forming a political party in a hurry or desperation he would have been a person of great national significance and would have by now under the leadership of Anna taken his anti-corruption crusade nationally and in a most impressive way,which unfortunately is badly lacking today. Moreover after forming a political party Arvind Kejrival has joined the same political class which is embedded in corruption and those who adopt unfair and unjustifiable means to win elections. Not only this but he has confined himself with a limited number of coterie and has not extended his sphere of collective leadership at the state levels or nationally. Today, what makes me worrisome about him is despite of his undertaking 15 days fast he has not at all been able to increase either his socio-political influence in Delhi nor has he been successful in credibly translating his support base into actual vote bank which he expects to receive during the incoming Delhi elections against the Congress Party. I feel it is very easy to oppose the ruling establishment on vital issues of regional importance but in the absence of any credible alternative or well organized political party which AAP is not, its very difficult to dethrone the credible leader like Shiela Dikshit and her party which has during her last 14 years of concrete rule has make Delhi highly modern, advanced and progressive in terms of all round development and also announced and implemented scores of pro-people and pro-poor programes for the development of the vast sections of the Delhi Society. Moreover to challenge the more than a 100 year old party with a loose network of AAP and childish attempts of his followers like enrolling the people in the fold of AAP on the roads will in any case not prove successful and constructive at any cost. Lets see what results the efforts of Arvind Kejrival bring in the fast approaching elections of Delhi, but as far my personal opinion goes he will not at all be able to cut ice against Shiela Dikshit as his efforts may only result in helping the main opposition BJP than to pose a direct challenge to the ruling party in Delhi. May be I am wrong, but the present analysis and my assesment after interviewing the cross sections of the people in Delhi only leads to the conclusion as above. Please don,t misunderstand me for this post.