गुरुवार, 7 मार्च 2013

I am not just $20 Billion

Alwaleed bin Talal, prince of Saudi Arabia

Alwaleed bin Talal, prince and grandson of Saudi Arabia founder King Abdulaziz bin Saud is displeased with Forbes annual billionaires list  in which he is ranked 26th with total worth of $20 Billion. 

He displayed strong rejection of the list and stated his assets of around 10 Billion dollars are unreported by the magazine.

At present, Carlos Slim the business tycoon from Mexico is ranked first followed by Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. Amanico Ortega, owner of Spanish retailer Zara added $19.5 billion last year and managed itself 3rd position in the list.

If Saudi's prince claim is to be believed, then he would manage to land himself in the top 10 wealthiest people in the world.

For India, Mukesh Ambani retained his wealthiest Indian title with rank 21st, followed by Laksmi Mittal at 41st and Azim Premji at 91st who gave $2.3 billion worth of shares to his education based foundation. The list had more than 1,426 billionaires with an aggregate of $ 5.4 trillion.

Tarun Bahuguna
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