शुक्रवार, 8 मार्च 2013

Woman's Day

Woman is someone without whom life becomes hard to live. She is an inspiration, a reason of existence, a fierce competitor and an object of lust. Its hard to understand woman's life from the point of view of a man.

The inspiration because it encourages a man to do some extra-ordinary things in life. Like a teenager staying up all night just to receive a text from her of good night, reason for him to pump iron in the gym, to explore the hidden poet in himself and to make her proud with his deeds and efforts.

The reason for existence as she is the one who gave birth to life and more importantly nurtures us. But still the creator of the world is referred as Him and she as mother nature who stays close to her children and never expecting any gratitude in return.

The source of lust because in this world there is no drug equivalent to her. A man wants to get lost with her even if its for few moments. He doesn't remember or wants to remember anything in them. Unfortunately, she becomes a victim in this play than a partner, merely an object who could give pleasure as deep as an ocean but couldn't receive a drop in return.

The most fierce competitor as she knows all the weak points of a man. She is more determined than him and million times more patient. She could guide a team with her compassion and lead her way out with her strong will power.

She is someone without whom we are nothing and yet here we are celebrating her day reminding ourselves her existence.