शनिवार, 25 दिसंबर 2010

Direction Lost Or Human?

Among all God made creations,Human is the best one.As only he is the one,who can express,react his feel as not other creatures.But I am sure today God might also feel repent somewhere on his creation.We all Human,who boast as we are always better than animals.As we have the reasons to live..We have the targets to achieve..We have the capability to achieve our dreams..I want to know for WHAT we are beating upon bush!!Is this for our extra ordinary mind..which is changing world gradually.All changes..Name & Fame is useless..unless we cant be a good human being..
When I look around my surrounding..I feel suffocation as Where I am..Myself poonam tomar from Manali(H.P.).Currently working in Noida.Today I got a pretty much Precious chance to pen down my thoughts in Pahal A Milestone's Blog.If talking about time,Women always remain prop of our society from long time.Yeah,that true in early days we all were admit that,but very sad to say not so now.Man has becume too cheap as he has lost his sense of differentiating between right or wrong.Why?Why women are getting tortured so much?Why girls cant freely step out in society?Why?Men forgot that they got the chance to see this wonderful world just because of a Woman.
If not talking about here and there,simply talking about capital of our great country India-Delhi.Its the top most city where maximum number of Rape cases happen daily.Really feel pity on the management of our country.Is Girl only a mean to satisfy one's inner devil??What rubbish sins people are commiting.really sad.Sucha busted need a pshyco treatemnt.Today girls are equally stepping forward with boys.None is less.But the matter of shame is that few termites are always there for take benefit to destroy the prop of our soiety.I really remained stunned when I listened about continously happened two Rape cases in one month.One in Dhuala Kuan and another one in sultanpur.How cheap Human has becume.
We cant say that our direction has lost.because its only WE,who decide what we have to do and what not to do.only WE,who decide whether we want living wth humality or with devil face.Really laws need to be changed.A rapist freely live in Society after commiting Rape cases.Such a Rapist should be direct stoned to death at the same place,where those busted commit that cheap sin.Because only when one rapist will be Hang to Death directly,only then the other cruel & cheaper one will definately think once before spoiling someone's life.
Need is to change our stuck mentality..change our Direction.Blaming is not any final conclusion.Need is to take strict actions against such rapist.Need is to Have courage to raise voice agaist any Sin or Sinner.Direct strict steps should be taken against sucha social termites.So that if any one dare to commit sucha shameful sin,one's soul must scorn him.