सोमवार, 3 जनवरी 2011

"WORDS" Can Win Anything...As Not The WEALTH..

“WORDS” are that amazing weapon that can win any situation. A single wrote Word can leave that tremendous effect that not your verbal lines. Listening is a nice skill...but We always take interest in written articles..The reason is only that by pen down our words...we can express things much better in the way we want. Here’s again an interested question- Why should people write? But an equally important question is – If You Write, Why Do It Well? Why not simply put the words down as quickly as possible and then be freed to do other things? Actually, the question is broader than that – why do anything well? Isn’t it much easier to do something quickly and “get it over with?” Yes, but as I think Writing well is important for the following few reasons-
Writing is a window into your thinking. If you are with others, but are silent, it is likely those around you will have little or no idea of what you think. Even if you speak, talking is an imperfect form of communication because it is quick, typically disjointed, stream-of-consciousness, and often not well-thought out. But writing is much different. Your writing provides a reader an opportunity – at their own pace – to consider your written words as if they are your thoughts, to contemplate them, to study them, even to re-read them so as to understand your thinking. Writing thus is far more effective communication – both for you in expressing your ideas, and for the reader in grasping them.
Writing is a process of clarifying your thoughts. Bcoz writing usually is more deliberate, you can better organize your ideas, not only into the structure of good written English, but also as to your thoughts behind your words. Writing gives you an opportunity to “say what you mean” in a manner that is more meaningful.
Writing is an expression of yoz feelings. Just as your thoughts are important to organize and communicate, your feelings are even more so. Because feelings once put into words can either be sublime influencers of others (good), or bludgeons that harm others (bad). In the heat of emotion, how often do words escape our lips, which the instant spoken cannot be retracted, no matter how much we wish otherwise? Sometimes a wise path, when in a state of emotional duress, is not to speak, but rather to take the time to write our thoughts. This extra time allows us to sort through our emotions, calm down, and not express something we later will regret.

Writing is a record for history. Writing can be permanent, meaning that you, or any reader, can return to your written words some time later – maybe when it is convenient for that reader – to then understand your thoughts. Not only is writing important, as a record for other readers, but it also can be important for you. If you keep a journal, which is writing for yourself, it can be quite illuminating to pick up your written words many years later, and read them back as a record of what you expressed then. Sometimes you can see yourself in a totally different and unexpected light. You may think, “My gosh! I wrote this! I don’t remember that I had those thoughts then.” Or, “Now I see situations differently.” Don’t you want to leave the best record for history to judge you, even if that judge is yourself?