सोमवार, 3 जनवरी 2011


New HIV Saliva Test Delivers Results In Just 20 Minutes in UK. Patients being tested for HIV from a mouth swab placed in their mouth can now get their results in just 20 minutes.

Barts and the London NHS Trust is the first organisation in the United Kingdom to run the test which is now being considered for use by other London NHS trusts and has generated interest from overseas healthcare organisations.

The swab test - using a special absorbent toothbrush placed in the gum line - picks up HIV antibody markers from oral fluid. It is referred to as a "point of care" test and removes the need to wait a week for blood test results, reducing anxiety on behalf of patients and enabling clinicians to provide rapid access to further care and treatment where required.
A research study of the test has been successfully trialled at Ambrose King clinic at The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel and at Barts Sexual Health Clinic at Barts Hospital in the City of London. Around 200 people at the Trust's clinics have undergone the test since March and about 250 patients per month are expected to take it in future.

The trial at Barts and The London was part of a large scale research study of 1,500 patients which compared the rapid oral fluid HIV test alongside laboratory-run HIV blood testing.
The study found that the oral fluid point of care test performed comparably to routine HIV serological testing, with 75% of those questioned stating they would prefer an oral fluid test rather than undergoing blood tests. 40% of respondents thought that availability of an oral fluid test would have encouraged them to test for HIV sooner.Patients much prefer this saliva test. The effect of the quick result reduces the anxiety of waiting tremendously. Whereas other clinics do a finger prick test, this oral test is quicker and very popular.

Approximately a third of people in the UK who are HIV-positive are currently unaware of their condition. There are still very real problems due to people who are not testing until they have become unwell as a result of undiagnosed HIV infection. This means that treatment that is now widely available may not work as effectively. Making testing for HIV quicker and easier is a real step towards getting people to test sooner. As this test doesn't require us to take blood or send samples to a laboratory..Really, its a time to say Big Deal to HIV..But this test is only available in Foreign. and all can’t afford it as it is quiet expensive.
 Also, Research team of scientists have searched a Rapid CD+T4 cell based HIV test, that gives result within 20 minutes. And the thing of joy is that this rapid test is available in India also. This test doesn’t need any complex laboratory..It just takes a blood sample from finger. and checks the quantity of CD+T4 cells quantity in human body. These cells are really critical for a healthy immune system and these cells  get destroyed  when person get HIV infected. But here also, all can’t take benefit of this test as it is quiet expensive.Hope in the coming time, all will be able to take benefit of this test as this is the amazing step toward HIV fight. We can hope for new technologies in the coming time.