बुधवार, 5 जनवरी 2011


Considered to be the most stylish and fashionable form of body modification, Body Piercing is, indeed, becoming an exceptionally popular trend equally among the young and old. Be it ears, nose, lips, tongue, cheeks, eyebrows, belly buttons or even genital organs, a person can leave no part of his body unexposed. Although body piercing is an art form that has been in practice for centuries now, the central purpose of undergoing it has changed dramatically over the last few years. While people initially adopted for getting their body pierced as a sign of spirituality, religion, conformism, eroticism and sub-cultural identification, The modern youth has surpassed these symbols and accepted body piercing as a chic, cool and appealing fashion accessory.In the present era, more and more people are becoming fashion conscious and when it comes to fashion, it crosses all boundaries. There is nothing defined as to what all is covered in the ambit of fashion. Body piercing has become a popular fashion of today. Though, it has been practiced since the ancient times, but in the contemporary times, this tradition has received a great impetus. This body art has been increasingly gaining popularity, especially amongst the youngsters. Body piercing is truly driving the entire nation crazy. Teenagers are virtually getting their each and every body part pierced including ears, nose, tongue, lips, eyebrows etc. But, the downside is that people are trying to become fashionable and trendy at the expense of their sound health. They are going in for body piercing without being aware of the various health hazards associated with it. Well, in this article, we will provide you with information on the body piercing danger,
 Oral piercing is opening the gateway for various problems like excessive bleeding, infection, swollen tongue etc. Sometimes; tongue piercing causes the swallowing of small pieces of jewelry, which can become a serious cause of concern. The risk factors associated with body piercing can be attributed to the unhealthy surroundings and use of non sterilized equipment at the time of piercing. Body piercing requires aftercare, which many people fail to do and the result is infection. The other disadvantages of body piercing are in the form of skin dimpling that happens when the jewelry is removed from the pierced area. Keloid is another problem that comes along with this body art. When the scar tissues try to interfere with the normal tissues, it leads to the development of keloids. Every body part has its own specific risks that need to be taken care of. There arises a need to pay special attention on the way body piercing is done and its aftercare requirement.
                            If left uncared, body piercing can lead to infection thereby causing scarring and, in severe cases, blood poisoning. Thus, body piercing can be highly dangerous and very unattractive when infected. Piercing requires a great deal of research in finding the right place where the stud is to be inserted. In case the piercing is not placed carefully, it can accidentally be pushed through a nerve which is highly painful and dangerous. In extreme cases, the area surrounding the piercing can be sedated to any feeling permanently. If the piercing coincidentally hits a blood vessel in the process, it can only land you on the emergency bed of a hospital. Large blood vessels, when wounded, are difficult to heal, thereby making it another demerit of body piercing. All people who are sensitive to certain metals should largely keep away from getting any body part pierced, as doing so can only severe the reaction of the jewelry on the skin. The increasing rash, swelling and difficulty in breathing can only make matters worse for you causing shock or even hospitalization. All those willing to get their lip, tongue or cheeks pierced, here’s a word of caution. Be prepared to face the several dental risks that are likely to arise from such oral piercing. Chipped teeth, worn tooth enamel, damage to the gums and jaw line from wear, tongue swelling, and aspiration are just a few of the many health illnesses that you might face. So.frenz think twice when you will make up your mind for  Piercing. It’s nothing, Just a charm, which will fade away soon.