बुधवार, 12 जनवरी 2011


India is a conglomeration of men and women of various castes and creed. It is a fusion of old traditional values and the modern principles, thus satisfying all the three generations in the present India. If talking about cities, how one can avoid Villages…A village may seem smaller & lil bit backward as compare to any city..but it has the real fragrance of our mother india..The simplicity ,these villages carry…cant eva modern town imagine to have…The love & bonding, that here’s ppl possess…cant be easily found in smart people of cities…the kindness & helping nature we see here…cant think of expect dat in a city buddy…strange but very true somewhere..big deal..you will always see joint families in most of villages…dey believe to live with dignity and unity..people olwaz carry respect  for deir elders  in family...awesome the feel of village life…but the sadness is that people still follow Stuck Limited Beliefs..that none made…but these people ownself made…most of the time I gt lost in thinking of these False assumptions…and when came out frm  this feel…I conclude everytime that WHERE WE ARE TODAY????
“CASTEISM”-The casteism that we find today is a materialistic body-based system of designation that has become a way of oppressing the lower social orders of people. It says that if you are born in a family of a certain classification, then you are of the same class, regardless of what else you may do. In casteism, birth is the determinative factor in deciding one's social standing. It dictates that your social order, occupational potential and characteristics are the same as your parents, which is a label that may have been placed on a family hundreds of years ago.Casteism says that if you are born of a brahmana family, then you are a Brahman, no matter whether you truly exhibit the genuine characteristics of a Brahman or not. And if you are also born in a kshatriya family, or a vaisya or shudra family, then that is what you must be. It is as if when born in a doctor's family, the child is also considered a doctor. However, this requires the proper training and perception to see if the child will be a qualified doctor or not. Just being born in the family of a doctor does not mean that the children will also be doctors, although this may help. But they surely are not doctors merely by birth. God…Plz can any one give break to all these fakeness!!!At least We all get fed up..
        This is the society,,,where your caste is judged everytime..either talking about  any entrance test or any marriage case…In entrance exams..Priorities are always given to low caste people…U know Why????Only coz the people born in high castes still following this fake society of castes..Actually this trend should not be followed any more..Its started from ancient time..but with time,we need to break this trend..All are same..Being a Thakur…I hava also a bit regret that I am also bound to such a surrounding..But at least have that mentality to protest this thing..Also if talking about marriages,,80 percent youngsters following  inter caste marriage. Really.casteism is an evil that has made the rules and regulations of the Hindu tradition biased and unfair. Discrimination based on the caste system has ruined the society and created differences among the people belonging to different castes. Marriage is a sacred institution especially in context of Indian customs. Even when the world has become so advanced there are people who follow strict caste rules. Marriages in the Hindu society are caste driven; inter-caste marriages are considered to be a sin and are not approved by the elders..Even..There are few villages also where marriage with in a same village is a sin..no matter if both of the people are from same caste..Where few believes that if they are raj put or Brahmin ,then girl for their son should be only raj put or Brahmin..They don’t want to involve in another culture…Really need a break…What kind of assumptions we are following..We afraid of loosing our reputation in society..Is this a society, for whom you break all relations with your dear ones??or for whom we just buried our emotions just to  dance along with this false assumptions based society people??
                We all need to broaden our mentality..Because this will fruit nothing to follow such a stuck rules and thinking…It will Only create gap between young and old generation..Being successful with your relations is much better than to leave your's Seed in ruin condition..Fear of Reputation and cultural difference can add  dignity to yours satisfaction…but it will also add the sin of  leaving yours dear one in critical conditions…Think please...Time is changing…Why Can’t We?????Don’t know when this question will get erase from Indian culture..But I am feeling satisfaction as Today wrote on this topic. I know it was not enough, But At least a starting to spread a Bombastic view.Hope,I wrote everything fairly.