शुक्रवार, 14 जनवरी 2011


I think we tend to blame whoever we can, whenever we can, for anything and everything that goes wrong.However, I will definitely say that its important for parents, not just mothers, to keep an eye on what their kids do. Considering  social roles, where i come from, a man is responsible for the family’s finances, a woman takes care of the household and its members. These responsibilities are to be shared though as much as possible. A mother has greater responsibility to the direct care taking of her children, however, this is not an obligation a man is free from either. So i guess its safe to say that both parents should be held accountable, rather then just the mother..Some ask who is to blame for such actions. Is it the child who is to blame for their actions? Or is it the parents for not properly raising the child? Simply put, a child can not be blamed for their action unless they know what they are doing is wrong. In order to blame the child, the child must have been raised properly by parents who won't  tolerate such behavior. That in itself kills the notion that the child is to blame due to the fact that if they know its wrong then they know they are going to be punished appropriately. No child will go out of their way to seek punishment; it's a simple fact of life. I can remember all too clearly the beating' I received as a child. And today I am proud of my accomplishments. Best of all, I still love my parents and don't blame them at all for their actions.
Parents today don't seem to discipline their children enough. To this day whatever the child wants, he gets. If he wants extra sugar poured on his frosted flakes, he gets it. If he wants chocolate milk he gets it. If he sees a new toy in the store he gets it. The child is beyond spoiled. Why is it that the child has progressed to this disgusting state? It is due to the fact that the mother is afraid to say no to him, because every time she has in the past he makes such an incredible scene that she will just cave in to quiet him. You have all likely seen a child like this at one point or another in a store. He is the one who wants  some Pokemon cards but his parents said no. In order to get said cards he begins to throw items on the floor and scream at the top of his lungs. He will begin to cry .This causes the parent to become embarrassed and instead of handling the situation properly by removing the child from the store instead buys him TWO packages of Pokemon cards in order to quiet him. Sadly this happens  every time the child is brought to a shopping mall or a department store. Parents must remember that it is not up to the child to raise itself. If you were to ask a child what it would rather, a candy or some lettuce which do you think the child would choose. The answer is obvious, the child would pick candy. The reason being that they cannot understand that candy is not good for the body. In fact if the child were to eat too many candies they could develop severe health problems. Therefore it is up to the parent to discourage bad choices in a child. It is up to the parent to prevent such wrong choices from happening again.
Think what the child enjoys most, and then remove it. If they enjoy television why not remove their access to a television. Do they like video games? Remove the game system. Teaching a child right and wrong is not the easiest thing in the world. However it is one of if not the most important aspects to being a parent. Through proper parenting one can reduce the risk that their child will grow up to thieve, deal drugs or commit other criminal acts. A well brought up child can become a great member of society, but a child who grew up knowing nothing but the wrong actions is nearly doomed to become a failure. Think of your children, think of what you want them to become. I doubt anyone wants their child to live on the streets and be unhappy. Give them the best opportunity you can. I am also not too much mature to write exact aspects of this discussion..but  being a youngster,I always feel bad when noticed  behavior of children in my surrounding. Really their behaviour shocked even not me, to all of us..Parents need to be more conscious about this.