शुक्रवार, 9 दिसंबर 2011

Development and our Perception

                                                                Development and our Perception

Well, according to the basic principles of Economics, we’ve learnt that development means different things to different people. People of different nations, color, height, diet, gender, mobile no., UID no. have different benchmark for development. Though development is usually measured by the per capita of the nation (one of the parameters), but from my experience I found a completely different one.

Sometimes bad circumstances get the best (or worst) out of you, which force the person to have philosophical and intellectual thoughts. I was once in a similar situation. It was an afternoon time and I just had my lunch (a full seven course meal) and now was travelling to CP to meet a friend (no it wasn’t a date, I am not that lucky). I had taken an underground metro from my place to my destination and was in total awe of looking at the development of DMRC. The department has certainly done an unbelievable job just like Rajnikanth do in his movies, as it has not made life easier for daily commuters but also for the hopeless souls like me who always blame bad traffic for reaching late (even if one has to reach six in the morning for a walk in the park).

I was thinking about the development and the status of the World City that Delhi is turning out to be, it will surely become a world city in less than a decade in true sense, when its population would take over half of the population of the world. But suddenly my economist thoughts were hampered when the excessive fluid in my body was showing a sign of coming out. I tried to calm my mind over it but the urge kept on increasing with every passing minute.  At last I reached my destination stop and rushed out of the metro just like a wolf rushed out of the cage when released by fanatic biological experts in the name of science.

At the station I had only one primary aim just like Mario (video game) whose aim was to save the princess mine was to locate a loo. Here, I was lost and alone in probably one of the world’s most complex and puzzled metro station, Rajiv Chowk. I tried asking a guard but his directions didn’t help as I reached the same place from where I started. By this time my situation had become a little critical but as I am an optimist I relaxed my mind by saying that it’s just the fluid which wants to come out and not the food!

Finally I was successful in locating a loo but to my horror its doors were wide open just like a rally of a politician for its paid and unpaid followers. To make situation bad right next to it was ladies’ washroom and to make situation worse I was the only one inside male washroom and the door refuses to get closed. At that time I realized, we might be the top 5 growing economies of the world but we still lack the basic facilities and the sense of using them. Development means different thing for different people, may be some of the people wouldn’t had reacted the way I did after watching the washroom or others would argue that I should be thankful for at least finding it. But aren’t we just satisfying ourselves by getting only the basic necessities and refusing the concept of evolution. And yes you would be thinking that did I have the same thoughts once I was inside ( as I referred my situation was critical), then I would say yes as I mentioned earlier about the thing regarding philosophical and intellectual thoughts , at that moment  I felt like another victim of the system and I did my job only when I was able to close the door coz where there is a will there is a way J.

A lost soul