सोमवार, 7 जनवरी 2013

Let' inspire ourselves from Damini's bravery and safeguard the women's dignity in the new year 2013 at all costs

I am quite shocked aggrieved and ofcourse badly sorrowful on account of the sad demise of Damini the icon of protection of women world over but things have to move forward come what may. While wishing one and all the very happy New Year for 2013 let's collectively pray and wish for Damini's soul to rest in peace and God give enough strength to their most distressed family to bear this most irreparable loss and also for expeditious recovery of her most shocked mother who is lying unconscious in one of the Delhi Hospital having not eaten a single bite for the last many days badly worried about the extremely worst health condition of her now dead daughter. It is for the first time in the history of India and the globe that all the countries of the world have expressed their most shocking and serious concern over the tragic death of this innocent23 years old paramedical student by way of organising demonstrations and expressing severe anguish over the most in human, drastic, gruesome, horrendous, brutal, ghastly and shameful gang rape inflicted on her by criminals most inhuman and worst that the beasts. January 3rd is therefore being observed as the black day all over the world to sadly commemorate the unfortunate sad demise of Damini as a mark of respect and reverence to her memory and to salute her bravery with which she valiantly fought these dreaded criminals to the lst to safeguard her modesty being outraged by 7 beasts in unison in a running bus in South Delhi. While the outrage of crores of people of India against the sad demise of this brave girl have compelled the government to work on making the laws of rape most stringent, it has been learn that the government is strictly planning and striving hard to inflict death penalty to such hardened criminals in the rarest of the rare cases as above and also working on giving 30 years of harsh punishment to the rapists in general catagory with chemical castration as a strong deterrent to apply expeditious brake on such shameful and obnoxious incidents in the immediate future. Let's hope that the government of the day thinks and acts on this issue most expeditiously and gives capital punishment to these guilty criminals within two months as directed by the Apex Court of the country and save thousands of other Damini's in the days, months and years to come.
Happy New Year to all of You with humble request to continue their incessant fight against such undesirable elements to the hilt with full zeal and enthusiasm in the immediate future in wider public and women's interest.