सोमवार, 7 जनवरी 2013

Delhi Women Commission condemns MP Minister For HIs Anti Women Remarks

The Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women Barkha Shukla Singh has condemned the anti-women statement of the Cabinet Minister of Madhya Pradesh Govt. Mr. Vijay Vargeeya in strongest possible terms and asked for his immediate resignation accusing him as anti-women as his most obnoxious and derogatory comments straightaway amounted to outraging their modesty and dignity. It may be recalled that Mr. Vijay Vargeeya has commented that women should not transgress their Lakshman Rekha failing which their modesty will be outraged (Mahilyaan Apni Laxman Rekha Paar Naa Karen Verna Unhe Ravan Uthah Ke Le Jayega Ya Sita Haran Ho Jayegi).
While condemning his statement in strongest possible terms and deploring him strongly Mrs. Barkha Shukla Singh questioned him whether the icon of women’s safety and security, Damini had ever transgressed any Laxman Rekha who had been unfortunately so tortuously, ghastly, gruesomely and brutally gang raped on December, 16 and subsequently thrashed to death. She said, instead of expressing his heart felt condolences for Damini for having scarified her precious life while bravely and valiantly fighting the hardened criminals to safeguard her modesty being outraged, Mrs. Barkha Shukla Singh said that he is commenting adversely against the dignity and modesty of the women community saying that women should not transgress their Lakshman Rekhas otherwise their modesty will definitely be outraged.
Accusing the Madhya Pradesh Minister Mr. Vijay Vargeeya for his anti-women remarks Mrs. Barkha Shukla Singh said that it seems that he has lost his total mental balance and have gone mentally bankrupt. She advised him to go to an experience psychiatrist to get better treatment of his sick mind and demanded immediate resignation as well as public apology from the entire women community of India.