सोमवार, 7 जनवरी 2013

Help Generously The Shelterless

On the one hand people of the country are bading good wishes to their close acquaintances, friends, near and dear ones and wishing them good luck for good fortunes during the New Year 2013 which has just started on a low key note on account of Damini's worst death on the other hand our fellow human beings - the poor, hapless, shelterless and sick to the tune of thousands and even lacs are literally dieing on the streets of Delhi , the capital city of the largest democracy of the world for want of proper shelter and clothings of which they are completely bereft of. I couldnot go to my work today for the fact that it's a bloodstagnating cold that may easily lead one to heart attacks. Wonder what might be having to thousands of those poor street children, women or old people who are shiverring in the open for want of proper clothings and shelter particularly in the nights of these seething winters hell bent upon to take the toll for sure. Yesterday I was watching the TV News reports and today read in the papers that there are more than three lac homeless people in Delhi only who are badly suffering in this shivering cold and the governemnt and the administration is not able to do the needful for them despite of the fact that as per the judicial directives of the Honorable Supreme Court of India the Government is bound to construct atleast one Night Shelter for the population of every one lack people of the city so that atleast 40 to 100 hundred people suffering from cold can be comfortably housed in these rain Baseras during the winters but all in vain. Similarly is the condition of poors, hapless and the starving people in other states of the country. If we go at the bigger hospitals like Safdarjung Hospital and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences we'll be surprised and shocked to find these patients of critical illnesses taking rescue and shelter inside the toilet blocks nearby the hospital vicinity because the Health Ministry has made no arrangements, whatsoever, for their proper rehabilitation, safety and security during the winter nights. This is really disheartening to note that on the one hand we boast of our country touching the super power status in the comity of nations worldwide and on the other hand we are no able to give the poor the adequate shelter and clothings during the winters who are dieing relentlessly on the open streets. Let's pray to the ALMIGHTY TO Save them, OUTRIGHTLY AND I ALSO APPEAL TO MY FRIENDS, ACQUAINTANCES, RICH ONES, ESPECIALLY TO DONATE GOOD QUALITY BLANKETS TO SUCH DEPRIVED PEOPLE WITHOUT FAIL AND ALSO THE OLD CLOTHES SO THAT WE CAN CONTRIBUTE A BIT ATLEAST TOWARDS God and Humanity in our gesture to help the poor, hapless, needy and the starved in this genuine hour of crisis.
Special Correspondent, Pahal a Milestone