बुधवार, 12 जून 2013

Has BJP become the victim of individualism? Sunil Negi

The Bhartiya Janata Party has become the victim of individualism. It has now nothing to do with the programmes, policies, ideology and anything that concern the people of the country. The sole motto of BJP seems to be to grab political power at the centre in 2014 national elections, come what may. Their leadership is quite desperate in this context and that's the reason that they have even gone to the extent of deliberately and intentionally forgetting their main patriarch Lal Krishna Advani in not seeking advice from him before handing over the chairmanship of the national campaign committee for the 2014 elections in desperation knowing very well that Advani will be badly hurt and annoyed and can even go to the extent of quitting BJP. Everybody know that Modi is the political product of Advani and it was the latter who outrightly safeguarded his Chief Ministership during the 2002 Gujarat riots when leaders of the stature of Atal Behari Vajpayee as Prime Minister wanted to dethrone Modi in view of the most obnoxious Godhra riots. Had he been dethroned at that point of time as desired by Vajpayee , Advani would have been in quite a comfortable position today politically. Now , today the same product of the BJP's patriarch Modi is the greatest challenge to him and had made him rather completely effectless in India politics as well apart from the politics of BJP. While Modi is more worried for being the future Prime Minister aspirant of BJP in the 2014 elections, Advani is also worried for being not able to get his last wish fulfilled to hold the highest office of the largest democracy of the world. Is it not the individualism that is primarily dominating the BJP and no parleys or talks about the policies, programmes and initiatives for the peoples' welfare are being talked about. It seems that Rajnath Singh's only priority today is to polarise Hindu votes of the country through MOdi and capture the reigns of the country come what may. Is this the political and ideological standard that the BJP is today reduced to. Everybody know they are opportunists and communal but nobody knew that hey can stab their own leader from the back as happened with Advani for the sake of grabbing political power which in fact is still a distant dream.Shame.