बुधवार, 12 जून 2013

Will Shiela make history again? Sunil Negi

The recent surveys being carried out by various prestigious periodicals, magazines and the newspapers in Delhi about the possibilities of the Congress, BJP and the AAP party coming to power in Delhi in the elections slated to be held in November,13 the news is not bad for the Congress Party as according to various surveys the situation is drastically changing in absolute favour of Congress Party in view of the vast development of the Capital of India in terms of massive infrastructural development that no other city, town or the state has witnessed in the last 65 years after achieving independence. The thinking of the electorates of the country is changing rapidly and everybody wants rapid and overall development. Whether its the development in infrastructure, education, industries, sports, metro, flyovers, job opportunities, elevation in the living standards or the over all progress in the domestic front. And one can say with sufficient amount of satisfaction that during the last fifteen years of the Shiela Dikshit rule, things have dramatically changed for better as compared to the development of the past and of the other states of the country being ruled by the Congress and the opposition parties. Yes , if a particular government rules for a pretty long time and a protracted period of 15 years there is definitely an anti-incumbency factor that works against the ruling party and the same is surely there in Delhi. But if we go by the latest survey results Shiela Dikshit's development plank having changed the face of Delhi upside down in terms of over all hitech development, is bringing her back to power in Delhi as there is no leader of her capability in the opposition to match her leadership qualities. If we talk of BJP and the AAP posing as the main challenge to her, political analysts say that AAP will intrude into the BJP's vote bank as the votes which BJP would have received from Congress'es antagonism or say because of the anti-incumbency factor would be captured by AAP making chances of Congress's coming to power more strong, convenient and safer as BJP will get their own committed votes and so will Congress i.e. its own committed votes plus the votes of huge and massive development. My analysis seems to be bit unacceptable but the survey reports are not giving much seats to the BJP as it is expecting . There will be difference of seats and the BJP may increase their tally but quite negligibly which will be easily and comfortably covered by the Congress by bringing into confidence the independents as well as other allies like BSP or Nationalist Congress Party. So be ready to have the services of the Congress for the fourth time